Inuyasha: revealed the character design for the characters of the spin-off series

There are many franchises that over the course of these long years have managed to win the attention and admiration of rich portions of the public, works among which also features Inuyasha, creature materialized thanks to the work of Rumiko Takahashi that after a paper production, saw the arrival of an animated adaptation.

Well, as you may know, a spin-off dedicated to Inuyasha has recently been announced, a new animated series that will lead us to live a new and unforgettable adventure, all obviously accompanied by a rich cast of characters, between faces clearly recognizable and some newcomers who will have to laboriously win the appreciation of the public.

With regard to the protagonists, the team currently working on production has recently shared some images on the web where you can view the work done in terms of character design for some of the characters. At the bottom of the news you can in fact see everything that has been done for Moroha, but by clicking on the source of this news you can also see what has been concretized for Setsuna and Towa Higurashi, works that showcase the excellent work currently done by the staff currently at work on production.

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Before greeting you, we remind you that some heavy leaks related to the spin-off of Inuyasha have just been published just recently.


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