Interview with Maravilla Martínez on his return to boxing after six years: "I did regressive therapy and understood why I am a boxer in this life"

Maravilla Martínez will return to fight officially six years after his last fight (Photo: Guille Llamos)
Maravilla Martínez will return to fight officially six years after his last fight (Photo: Guille Llamos)

When that June 7, 2014 he got off the ring mounted on the Madison Square Garden dragging his injured leg after losing the world title by knockout, the life of Sergio Wonderful Martinez He got back on the rails of a strange roller coaster: he acted in a movie, toured the country with his monologues, took charge of his boxing promotion company, weighed 100 kilos and lived with the pain of that operated knee that They almost amputated him until he had a prodigious recovery in the hot springs of Catamarca. Once below the maelstrom cart, he dropped more than 20 kilos and his body was ready to fight again, but his head was missing: the conventional therapy did its part but also leapt towards methods alternatives.

21 days after feeling the sensations of a professional boxer again in the evening scheduled for ten rounds —which will be televised in Argentina by TNT Sports— against him Traumatologist José Miguel Fandiño, one of the best boxers in Argentine history opens his secrets to Infobae from Madrid, the place where he decided to settle almost two decades ago and from where he gave his career a boost to stardom.

On the ring to be mounted on the playing field of the football stadium The Malecon located in the city of Torrelavega –more than 400 kilometers from Madrid–, Wonderful to their 45 years will put under the world observation a race that until that defeat against Miguel Cotto in New York in 2014 accumulated 51 wins (28 KO), 3 losses and 2 draws. In front will have a rival ten years younger but without so much travel (15 wins and 6 losses) with just three presentations outside his country.

– You were preparing a while ago and now it finally happens, what happened in the middle so that after all you can get back into the ring?

Uh a lot of things happened. Much work to make an evening here in Spain. It is very difficult to make an evening of boxing, more than the size that we are about to do, a few boxers fight who are probably the best boxers in Spain. And I also appear, which is a fairly strong comeback for the field at least here in Eruopa. Negotiations, comings and goings, trying to avoid the pandemic, not dodging, but to get along and be able to ensure that the evening can be done at a time that made the pandemic wobble around the world. We spent months and months working to make the evening in Madrid. And when everything was ready to give the ok to Madrid, the quarantine … He left us all stranded at home and then to move, to reactivate this. The truth that to reactivate it was difficult. It is still difficult, because every day there is new news, there is a law, an article, a subsection, something new that is changing us. Both for the organization and the capacity, the site, the square where we are going to fight. The truth is that it is crazy. To really go crazy.

– Regardless that re-training helped you to modify your weight after reaching 100 kilos, explain to me that internal fire that runs in you to get back into a ring, what's inside?

– What I have is a spectacular illusion. A desire for challenges, to live this as an adventure, I know that I have a cartridge left in the drum, one, and I want to exploit it to the fullest, stretch like gum, crush it, knead it, and make it long. And above all bearable, right? I just want to continue living this that I live, that I am practically living an adventure. 45 years, when practically any athlete in any discipline, or in many disciplines, would have to be retiring or retired a long time ago, I am returning. It is just that: an adventure. A stage of my life that I want to live with intelligence, with the wisdom that the previous 25 years of boxing could have given me. This of still being able to look ahead, look ahead in a sport that is difficult like boxing.

– The usual parable of a boxer with sporting success often indicates that he reaches glory, earns money and the return to boxing is by urgency, do you return for money?

– No! No, I am fortunate to have things settled and have a good life. The truth is that everything is enough; not quite not, everything very neat, very tidy and solid. There are very solid bases regarding the companies that I have, I have a few companies. And that works in a fantastic way. I think I come back thanks to that: because I have peace of mind elsewhere. I mean, I don't need the money. If there is money, a bag, great. And if there isn't, fantastic too. I go because it is an adventure that I want to live it.

– At some point the Chinese Maiadana shuffled her return to boxing and had three fights on the horizon with a stellar ending, ¿Wonderful what else do you have planned in the future?

– Look, this I think is summarized in this sentence: this fight on August 21 may be the beginning of something very beautiful or it may be the end of something very beautiful. On the 22nd I will be able to know what my feelings were. Or even on the 21st at night, after the match, I will know what my feelings were. All depending on what I will feel, and as I feel it, we will see what the future is. There it will be possible to determine what we do from now on. If I have to say, boys, he hit me and it turns out that the blows hurt more than I expected, I piro. If not, I see, let's see what happens. It can be the end or it can be the beginning.

"Of course I feel like I put a lot on the line! And that's why I like it" (Photo: Guille Llamos)
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– Don't you feel like you put too much at stake?

– Clear! So I like it. Because it is exposed, because I expose myself. But I think that he is also given much more ball from the outside than what I give him from the inside. I like to look forward and if I looked back, as many people do, I would stay home and say: mummify me here. They mummify me and I'm already staying. But no, I really want to do new things! Among the new things that I really want to do is to fight again. I say let's see what fabric. I am seeing that my answer is good, that my body is fine, my mind is fine, it is working much better even than when I was champion, the last three years, infinitely better. So that's it, enough of that. That gives me the certainty that I am doing things well. Although I lack the timing, the management of time and distance in a ring when fighting, because for six years I have not fought, everything that has to be done around, I am doing it in the best way.

– This question is yes or no, do you dream of becoming world champion again?

– I dream of enjoying boxing again and that may be the world champion, or not. But he did enjoy himself again, it had been a while since he enjoyed boxing.

– Are we going to see the same boxer style as always, the one who let his guard down and put on his face?

– That is the unknown … And that is what is good, that after six years, what is inside has to be redone, relearned. I am with a new team and what we are doing are all new things. You have to see how that affects me as a boxer. I calculate that very different from what I was before, very different I will not be. I may be slower, I may be more awkward, I may have less sense of distance and time, but perhaps the intentions may be the same. Not for making me the mysterious, but because it is logical, one does not change, one is as he is, I box like this almost all my career. At least in the previous one!

– How much did the work with the psychologist impact?

– I did therapy but because I had my dramas, my mambos in my head. I had been told that he was a bad person because he did not want to have children. I went to a psychologist. It was driving me crazy. I thought he was a bad person.

– And how much did that therapy influence your life?

– Fantastic. It blew my head off! It made me realize what steps I have to keep taking, because I was always taking firm, slow steps. In my life I always took slow steps, but very firmly. And having done therapy, the therapist said to me: well, Sergio, do you realize that you are not a bad person and that by not wanting to have children you are not going to be any more, nor less good? That goes the other way. I kept supporting you in your dreams, I continued supporting you in your goals with illusion, with the illusion that you always brought. I kept marching like this, because this is how you feel safe. So I say I will continue doing what I kept doing. My life is very similar to what it always was.

– And is it true that at some point you did a past life investigation?

– Yes, totally. Yes sir. I did my regressive therapies. I don't do them again, I made three. I do not do them again in life, because I had a very bad time.

– What result was there?

– I realized the present that I have. Today I have a present, just as I did, because of the past I had. In this life and the previous one that I had to live. Today I have the personality that I have, the ways of proceeding, the spontaneity that I have for some things, good or bad, but that is, I act instinctively.

– And what were you before? What conclusion did you come to?

– As I saw it, it is very rare to do therapy, to do a regression because it is under hypnosis, I did not know. Suddenly my head exploded, it turned all white and I left I don't know where. Suddenly I started to see blurry movies where I always had a hard time and had uncomfortable moments. He was not a good person. He was in jail, or he was in the middle of a fight, or he was in the middle of wars and battles. I had to die in a bad way, have a bad time, be dirty. And that, at the time when I did, I had a terrible time. But there I understood why I am a boxer in this life; and why it was good for me to have left boxing at 39 as I did. It was good for me to understand that I myself could dominate my life with my own decisions, make them well, and cut at that moment. Now I want to go back because I say well, I'm going to be a boxer all my life. Maybe not, but just as I used to fight, nowadays I do it in a neat way.

– You had a historic moment with the match you did in Vélez, do you dream of repeating it and filling a Luna Park?

– The truth is that I dream of doing well on August 21. I can't afford to think further. I cannot afford. I think it would be foolish of me and with 45 years planning something until 46 or 47 years, it would be foolish. For this reason, I think I am thinking well: the ideal is to think of José Miguel Fandiño, on August 21, in Torrelavega.


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