International Swimming League On World Tour After 3 Years

International Swimming League On World Tour After 3

International Swimming League On World Tour After 3 Years

After three years, ISL is about to start its brand new season 4 on a world tour in 2022. Ever since the last world tour in 2019, it will be the first time for the championship to be held in distant nations.

There were seven matches in seven different sites during the ISL’s inaugural season in 2019, including three in the United States and three in Europe before the final in Las Vegas.

International Swimming League On World Tour

On Friday, the league published a 24-game schedule for its fourth season, and while particular game venues have yet to be confirmed, the Season 4 slate indicates that games will be held in a number of places across the world.

In the previous seasons, the campaign was held in one nation only. Season 2 was initially about to comprise 27 matches in different countries.

However, due to the global pandemic and various other reasons, the championship was held in Hungary. The Tokyo Olympics was also a significant cause for the short-lived period.

However, the last season, which was entirely conducted in Italy, had a regular schedule of matches. The finale of season 3 was extended to the Netherlands, in Eindhoven. The finale was about to happen in some other place.

However, to avoid the rise in conflicts among the swimmers’ schedules, the ISL season 3 finale took place in the Netherlands.

Season 4 features 15 regular-season games, six playoff games, one championship game, as well as one wild card match in both the regular season and playoffs.

International Swimming League Schedule

The ISL has announced its Season 4 schedule, which includes North America, Europe, and Asia/Pacific:

  • 5 regular-season matches in North America (June 3–July 3)
  • 11 regular-season matches in Europe (August 25 – October 7)
  • 3 playoff matches in North America (October 22–November 6)
  • 4 playoff matches in Asia/Pacific (November 12–December 4)
  • Final Of The National League In North America (End of December)

While exact venues have yet to be announced, according to the ISL, the season will begin in North America, and the ten clubs will participate in both North America and Europe during the regular season.

The Season 4 playoffs will feature the top eight clubs from the regular season competing in six matches, similar to the previous season, with the addition of a playoff wild card match. The third through sixth-placed clubs will compete for the final two slots in the final in that match.

Final Words

Season 4 is the first time the ISL has been able to complete the enlarged schedule it had intended before the COVID-19 outbreak caused them to make last-minute changes. The ISL added two expansion teams, the Tokyo Frog Kings and the Toronto Titans, after Season 1.

Due to the pandemic, the league has yet to enter Japan and Canada, although they will most likely be on the Season 4 roster if at all possible. We would love to see how the season unfolds while on tour. So, are you excited to watch the ISL season 4?


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