Instagram promotes well-being with the new ‘Guides’, compilation of publications by subject

Instagram has introduced a new section that is currently available only for some creator accounts: the Guides. Restricted to the initial account group, the Guides allow you to create a compilation of topics aimed at people’s well-being. They are in the form of a tab within the profiles of the selected accounts and these Guides will soon be accessible in the Instagram search.

With the confinement of the coronavirus pandemic, many creators of Instagram have uploaded a multitude of content designed to promote the well-being of their followers. Ways to play sports at home, to relax and, ultimately, a multitude of publications dedicated to suffering as little as possible the effects of confinement. And Instagram has decided to promote this type of content with the new Guides or ‘Guides’, a kind of compilation by topic that is already available in some selected accounts. And that you can visualize.

Instagram guides, tips to feel good

Instagram Guides

The novelty has come to the platform starting with some creator accounts. As confirmed by Instagram in an article on their blog, these Guides seek to offer content that promotes well-being and always supported by experts who guarantee the results. In this way, the new section connects creators with organizations that dominate the content theme, all so that viewing it is synonymous with trust. At least in theory.

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The Guides are already available in accounts such as @afspnational, @heads_together, @vitaalere, @klicksafe, @headspace_aus, @deepikapadukone, @sudahdong and @eenfance. To access their Guides, simply enter any of the profiles and look at their content tabs: the novelty has the icon of an open magazine. By clicking on this icon you can access the publications ordered by subject: the creator can attach expert status updates to the Guides, both photos, and videos (and Stories); complementing the compilation with texts and titles. Scrolling through the guides is organized as a vertical scroll, just like the Instagram photo wall.

The Guides will not be available to all users, only to some creators. At least in principle

The Guides are already available in the profiles of some creators, at the moment it is the only way to view them. They will also appear soon in the search, so says Instagram. And they will be expanded to more accounts, although it is surely not a function that is accessible to most users.


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