"Inhuman Resources", the series starring a former footballer who tells the drama of unemployment at age 50

The protagonist of this miniseries that you find on Netflix was not always an actor. For those who did not know him, or for the forgetful, Eric Cantona He was one of the best soccer forwards France had. His great stint at Olympique de Marseille led him to English football. There he became a star of Manchester United. But beyond his virtues as a footballer, his goals and his victories, he starred in a scandalous fact that led him to be suspended from the English League for nine months: he kicked a fan who had insulted him.

These images make it possible to easily link the real life Cantoná with his character in the series, Alain. But beyond this role in the series, it must be said that Eric was not mistaken in 1995, when he decided to pursue acting after his career as a footballer. Since that film directed by the renowned Ken Loach, Finding Eric until Inhuman Resources, This Eric's career has not stopped growing.

But what is the series about? Alain Delambre is a married, middle-aged man, the father of two daughters, one a lawyer and the other who is about to have his first son – who will in turn be Alain's first grandson. For more than two decades he was the manager of Human Resources of a company, until they decided that they would no longer need his services. Thus, without work or income and with more than 50 years of age, Alain begins the hard and sad path of the unemployed.

But an opportunity appears in the life of this man, when an aircraft construction company decides to select him for a position, although to enter he must compete with another woman for the position. The proposal seems totally strange from the start: they will have to subject a group of company executives to a kind of role-playing game, where they will simulate a kidnapping and will be able to put them under pressure. as hostages ?. Because the "winner" will be in charge of informing 1,200 people, of one of the companies in this investment group, that they will be kicked out.

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The axis of Inhuman Resources it is precisely the cruelty that the few job opportunities for those left outside the system contain. How can a man rearm himself when he would have to be contributing his work experience and in any case planning the last years of his career, before retirement? This fiction tells of despair, of banks that drown a man cornered by debt and anguish.

At times Inhuman Resources It can be understood outside the borders of France. Is the situation for an unemployed person over 50 years different in some Latin American country? The answer seems easy and the identification is almost immediate. What happens when you are about to lose it, all you accumulate are debts and more debts? The viewer is put in a place where, at times, it is difficult for him to empathize with Alain for the bad decisions he makes on his way.

Eric Cantona gives his character the strength – and violence – that this character required, and at no time does he seem overactive. It reflects the decline, the lack of opportunities and the unease of a man who cannot find his way. The humidity on the walls of your house, the poor quality furniture and the small environments in which he lives with his wife, are an exact photograph of what he is going through in his life.

In the link with his wife it is perhaps where we see Alain most vulnerable, but nevertheless he is clear where he wants to go. You need to find yourself and feel useful once and for all. "If Nicole (his wife) leaves me, it would be like a shot to the heart," he says in an excerpt from the series.

Inhuman Resources it is realistic and for the same reason it is hard to see. It is difficult to assimilate it and generates fear at times since any of us could, at some stage of our working life, go through the same as Alain.


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