In LaLiga they talk about football, but also (and much) about technology: their latest platform fights against the lovers, but there is more

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The managers of LaLiga have it clear: this is no longer just football. LaLiga, we were highlighted in an event today in Madrid, is also a technology company.

It takes time demonstrating it with solutions such as the schedule planner or its powerful MediaCoach tool, but those projects are complemented with others that we have been able to know in depth today and that cover very different areas: from the striking tool Tyche 3.0 to fight against matchmaking to a unique "incubator" of technological projects in which small startups have already begun to propose original technological solutions in different scenarios.

Some old acquaintances

We could already see very closely several of those technological projects that they have turned LaLiga into that unique technology company that very few know as such.

Show1 Responsible for different areas of LaLiga showed us the different technological projects in which they are involved.

Your platform Calendar Selector It has become an essential tool to be able to set schedules of each day optimally, for example. In this solution it is possible to take into account which teams play European competitions, which events can influence the influx of matches (for example, that coincide with major fairs or other sports competitions in the city) or what is the best time of day for the retransmission and assistance so that, for example, the hours at which the hottest or coldest it is in the stands are not chosen.

Even factors like the tour of the sun and the evolution of shadows on the field and the stands thanks to the Sunlight Broadcasting Planning tool, which is very much aimed at audiovisual broadcasts but also influences that assistance to the field.

Sun With Sunlight Broadcast Planning it is possible to study until the sun travel and its impact on the stands or the players to study the best time for a match and its retransmission.

There are other projects that we already knew as the Video Assistant Referee (which makes the famous VAR possible), 360 cameras or of course Mediacoach, an encyclopedic platform which allows clubs and their technical bodies to have detailed information on what happens in the field (and what has happened) to analyze the data of their players and the team in each match.

Matching matches gets tough thanks to artificial intelligence

Together with those old acquaintances in LaLiga we also wanted to talk about some new platforms that continue to contribute to this conception of this company as an entity that not only takes care of football, but also wants to give it a much more technological approach to everything that surrounds the king sport.


Between those highlights is tyche 3.0, a tool that combats the damage and that, as explained to us, works in a unique way: it connects to the 40 main bookmakers around the world to analyze the odds (how are the bets and in what sense) pre-match and by course during the match.

With that information and a huge historical data build an analytical system with a machine learning algorithm based on neural networks which allows to determine if what happens on the pitch is foreseeably affecting those quotas. This means that they can jump alarms with events that can generate a sharp change in bets, which would allow pointing to a possible match size.

Fds The Fraud Detect System (FDS) of LaLiga analyzes the odds that are being handled in the betting houses and are contrasting them before and during the match with the different events that occur and that can influence the change in those odds (goals, fouls , corners, etc).

All this information is in the hands of LaLiga experts that with this tool can detect possible strange behaviors of bookmakers: if an irregular behavior of these quotas is detected, the thing may end up in a much deeper investigation and, if necessary, in a report and a complaint before the authorities so that the judicial investigation is initiated and a possible conviction if it is confirmed that There have indeed been problems.


Iñaki Arbea, head of Integrity of LaLiga, explained how the introduction of this tool had made this type of love virtually disappeared in recent months. The alerts, he stressed, are no longer produced. The famous Second Division Huesca-Nàstic of the 2017-2018 season and Operation Oikos marked a before and after, and in fact a previous version of Tyche alerted the problem and triggered the entire investigation and judicial process.

New opportunities for startups … and for the players themselves

In LaLiga they also reminded us of their proposal in the field of streaming: LaLigaSportsTV is a multi-device OTT project, which currently has 410,000 registered users and broadcasts competitions of more than 30 sports thanks to the work of LaLiga with more than 60 different sports federations in our country.


Access to these broadcasts is free and available on a large number of platforms (Samsung and LG SmartTV, browsers or Chromecast, among others). Its leaders explained how this is a commitment to the future in which content available for free for all audiences now enters, but are prepared to offer content by subscription anytime.

In another area is the so-called Startup Competition Program, a way to boost the development of original solutions by third parties. Startups around the world competed in this first edition in which the outstanding project was the one developed by the SOLOS startup for Real Sociedad.


The pilot project was striking for integrating an intelligent label into official club products, especially in the shirt. With that tag it is possible to protect the club from fakes and offer value-added services for fans – with offers and discounts on products of certain advertisers -, for brands – which have a vehicle to reinforce their image, services and products – and for the clubs, which make the most of one of their main assets, the shirts.

In fact, this leads to smaller clubs being able to reach agreements with brands and advertisers that use this technology to promote themselves in a certain number of matches or certain events without having to bear the great costs of sponsoring a team for a whole year with the classic logo on the shirt.

Those efforts to offer technological solutions in all areas were also extrapolated to players, who will have the call in the coming months 'Players App', a tool with which they can access Your MediaCoach statistics and data after each game (or its history), but also a series of additional options very striking for them.

For example, that of a curious function that use facial recognition to automatically tag the photographs that members of the LaLiga audiovisual team take during the meetings.


That labeling will allow each player to have access to the photos in which they appear during the match in order to enjoy them and share them on your networks if you wish. Interestingly, the developers of this application explained to us, the players demanded this type of option because they often find it difficult to share their images in meetings.

Luis Gil, Director of Competitions and Office of the Player, highlighted how "facial recognition software and the corresponding sending of images to athletes it will be a before and after in the way of communicating with them. "

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