In Cyberpunk 2077 you can't run on the walls, that's why

Although in Cyberpunk 2077 we will be able to get hold of numerous enhancements that will give the protagonist great agility (see for example the possibility of clinging to the walls thanks to the mantis blade), there seems to be no way to run on the walls like the dear old Prince of Persia.

The absence of this feature is not due to a simple forgetting by CD Projekt RED and has very specific reasons that have been explained by Max Pears, level designer, during a recent interview. The developer was in fact asked if in the title set in Night City it will be possible to juggle acrobatic races on the walls and this was Pears' answer:

"This is an element that we have removed for level design reasons, but this does not mean that there is some flexibility in the way V can move, rest assured."

It therefore seems that the absence of the race on the walls, which would have badly adapted to the conformation of the game environments, will not be regretted thanks to a series of skills that will allow us to move easily around the areas of the map to surprise unaware opponents or enter in rooms otherwise inaccessible to get around some computer system.

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