In Attack of the Giants 133 there is the definitive redemption of a well-known character

The deaths caused by Reiner Braun and Bertolt Hoover will never be forgotten in Attack on Titan. The gestures of young people, together with those of Annie Leonhart, will never be completely rehabilitated in the eyes of many people. Yet the protagonists and antagonists are in a delicate moment that is allowing the re-evaluation of certain issues.

In the last chapters of The attack of the Giants we have seen hard confrontations between the two sides of the alliance who want to stop the march of the colossal giants. On the one hand, Connie and Jean fought against Reiner and Annie, on the other, the Marleyans tried to respond with history and past events.

The discussions have calmed down and, over time, everything is starting to converge on one point. In chapter 133 of The Attack of the Giants, Jean and Connie had to deal with what they did at the port and started to better understand Reiner’s point of view. The latter, for his part, finally obtains a sort of redemption from his companions even if he already knows that he will not obtain it from himself and the rest of the world.

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However that group has to do what needs to be done, at the cost of carrying the weight of an incalculable number of deaths on his shoulders for the rest of his life. Eren’s intervention will then put them faced with a tough new choice.


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