Ikki Tousen Extra Burst Announces Sultry Collaboration With High School DxD

On the official site of the game for smartphones Ikki Tousen Extra Burst A new collaboration with the multimedia franchise of High School DxD. The event includes different characters such as Rias, Koneko and Akeno, while the girls from the original franchise have also been mixed with their costumes.

The event will be available on the app in Japan in the period from February 17 to March 1. In fact, the collaboration is specifically with anime. High School DxD Hero, the fourth season of the animated adaptation of the franchise, which changed hands to the studios Passion in 2018.

Sobre Ikki Tousen Extra Burst

It is a smartphone game that was released for iOS and Android devices in Japan in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the start of publication of the manga of Yuji Shiozaki, Two Tousen, which started in the magazine Monthly Comic Gum from the publisher Another Books in 2000, and continued its serialization in the magazine until it was ceased in May 2015. On this date, Shiozaki moved the publication to the website of the same magazine, where it continued until August of the same year.

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The original manga inspired four anime adaptations and six OVAs. The most recent adaptation was the anime Ikki Tousen: Western Wolves was released in OVA format in February 2019 and produced by the studios Arms under the direction of Takashi Watanabe.

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