“If you dream big, big things will happen to you”

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We know her almost since she was born but, at 21, Lucía Rivera Romero just wants to be labeled as a model. Without refusing to be the daughter of (Blanca Romero) or girlfriend of (Marc Márquez), she works hard to settle in a profession that leads in genes. Close and thoughtful, he gives everything in the photo session and asks in a low voice: «Do you think we will finish at seven? I have to go to Barcelona ». His partner, seven times world motorcycle champion, is waiting for a shoulder operation convalescently. «It's phenomenal! The pilots are not from this world, ”he says laughing.

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Last year has been fantastic for you. What have you asked this one to start?

Yes, I have finished 2019 supercontent! On a sentimental level and with friends it is perfect for me and, at work, which is the most important thing, too. I am where I want to be, but it is not enough. When I see myself on a cover, I think of the following; I enjoy doing them more than seeing them. I am not conformist and I have trouble celebrating things. Sometimes I say to myself, "But Lucia, it's a cover! And if you do not value it, what is worth what you do ».

«Professionally, I am where I want to be, but it is not enough. I am nothing conformist »

Are you too demanding?

Yes, especially with myself. With others, less, because I have a lot of empathy. I always want more. I think if you dream big things happen to you.

And what criticisms do you make?

Sometimes I am excessively direct and transparent, but also very sensitive. I demand self-demand as something negative because we can become our worst enemy. We should not punish ourselves so much and take care of ourselves more. But in this I am improving. I used to regret it because I measure 1.72 m, which is not much for a model, but now I see it positively because it has its advantages. The issue of height should change in the world of fashion, because I know beautiful girls who can not devote themselves to this by three or four centimeters. There are also those who say that sometimes I behave like an edge, and it is not true. Of course, I consider myself very observant and I look at everything. Since I look at someone, I know if he will be my friend or not. And I'm usually right.


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Do you think your profession is becoming more inclusive?

I think it is more a matter of marketing than anything else. For example, the theme of ‘curvies’ seems wonderful to me, but is it real? Because, then, there are brands that rule out girls who are even size 36. Hopefully there is more and more diversity and the trans model Valentina Sampaio, which is crazy, is no exception.

«I have a very adult relationship with my mother, Blanca Romero. She is like my older sister or my friend »


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Lately, you often coincide at work with your mother, Blanca Romero. How is your relationship?

Very adult She is obviously my mother, but I don't have filters with her: she is like my older sister or my best friend. Then there are my maternal grandparents, with whom I have been raised, and whom I have almost everything, and my father (Cayetano Rivera), with whom I get along but I don't have the same confidence, maybe because we have treated ourselves less.

You are changed As you get older, you no longer look so physically like your mother.

Although I've only seen it three times in my entire life, I think I look much more like my biological father. It was a show, a very ‘top’ model. When I was little and I dreamed of dedicating myself to this, I admired him for the photographers I had worked with, but this has changed and I have no contact with him because I do not consider it necessary. I am a very independent aunt!

How did they educate you?

My mother always gave me freedom to devote myself to whatever I wanted. Model? Ahead. Supermarket cashier? Ahead. "Whatever you want," he said, and it seems to have worked. I feel sorry for those girls who are forced by their family to study a career they don't feel like. My mother was a free spirit, she did what she wanted and that is what she instilled in me. However, although we look like details, such as laughter or voice, we have nothing to do with the way we see things. I am not conservative, but traditional.


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In what sense?

Well, for example, I would love to get married and have children in the future. I have always been a very mature girl, already in school the teachers were amazed. I was almost the mother of my mother and was stricter than her when it came to assimilating and doing certain things. At 16, I worked and didn't ask anyone for anything, and if I needed anything, I was looking for ways to get it. I let myself be loved, but not help, and that makes you get ahead.

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«At 16 I was already working and not asking anyone for anything. If I needed anything, I was looking for life »

You are 21 years old and have a very different life from the girls of your age …

Most of my friends are around 30 and I am always surrounded by adults because I understand myself better with them. I have lived very fast and I started working soon, maybe too much, because in adolescence we are still growing, we have the hormones fired, we are swollen and even ugly! When I see the photos at the time, I think I was excessively thin and didn't know how to pose, but that was what I wanted to do and there was no one to take me out.

So, did you always want to be a model?

When I went to the ‘shootings’ with my mother I already knew. It's intuition: I think something and it happens to me over the years. I must have inherited it from my grandparents because, since I was little, when Marc (Marquez, her boyfriend) went on television they told me: «You will end up marrying him».

And are they going to be right?

(Laughs) I still don't even think about it, but I hope it's with him …

You were daughter of and now you are girlfriend of. As you take?

My psychologist helps me a lot with this topic. I don't get it wrong because, in the end, it really has its share. Although it also shows that society is very macho because of a boy they will never say is the boyfriend of …

It's that Marc became world famous a long time ago.

But he's such a normal boy that I don't see him that way. We are both home and quiet. Sometimes I even think that too much! Obviously, we have a very good life and we enjoy it, but I could not be with an insubstantial and he has a very well furnished head. I think I don't realize how lucky I am.


‘Body’ of Ana Locking


In some ways, he has had a life similar to yours.

Yes, he has been around a lot and has always been with people older than him. It is an example to follow for children because it started out of nowhere and has won everything in the fight. For me the part of the effort is more visible than that of the winner, because I go to a few races. I have my day to day and my work and I cannot afford to accompany him every Sunday. Also, I think the support must be mutual, right? He would never have noticed me if I were another type of girl. And don't think that professionally it benefits me to be Marc Márquez's girlfriend. I may open doors, but others close them because many brands do not like my connection with the world of the heart, something I can not avoid.

«I am a feminist since I was born. I have never doubted the potential of women; we should be aware of how strong we are »

Is it a feminist claim?

I am a feminist since I was born. I think this new impulse is great, but I have practiced it all my life. I have never doubted the potential of a woman, that of men, sometimes … (laughs). We are not aware of how strong we are.


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You used to say you went to the psychologist …

Yes, I have been going for a year, and it is something we should all do naturally. I made that decision a long time ago, when I was younger, to assimilate some things, like moving from living in a city of Asturias to Paris or Madrid. I remember the first day in the capital of France, alone, running down the subway because I had eight ‘castings’ in one morning. However, by the week I was already happy. I still work a lot there, but in the future I would like to settle in New York or Los Angeles.

The model career is difficult and short. Do you have a plan B?

No. I always hoped that it would work out and I can't complain. And if it were wrong, life would look for me. The interpretation attracts me, but it is a completely different profession and I would have to start over from scratch. If I could go back in time, it would take me more calmly, but I have too much energy and I need to do many things. Like when he gave me to be ‘dj’ because I wanted it all! It was an experience that I enjoyed, but I would not click in a bar again until six in the morning because I am not in that mood. Now I prefer to stay at home watching Netflix and go to bed soon because the next day I have to get up early.


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