Ibrahimovic: "I will go to a team that has to win again, that has to renew its history, see you later Italy"

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic returns to Europe. The now former MLS player has explained that "he is very happy with his experience in Los Angeles," but that "He will go to a team that has to win again, renew his story" and points to a country: Italy.

"I will go to a team that has to win again, he has to renew his story, You are looking to challenge everyone. Only then can I find the necessary stimuli to surprise you again. As a soccer player, it's not just about choosing a team, there are other factors that must match. Even in the interest of my family … See you soon, Italy ", he explains in an interview for GQ Italia.

The Swedish player began his career in MLS at the beginning of last year. The club he chose for what looked like a withdrawal was the Los Angeles Galaxy. "I am very happy to have had this experience in Los Angeles, also because after the injury many said I couldn't play anymore, but I showed that I can still make a difference, "he explains.

"But after two years I said 'enough'. Here at a technical and tactical level they still have to grow. To run, they are physically beasts. But they are not used to playing with their feet, because in all their traditional sports (baseball, soccer, basketball) they use their hands, "he adds.

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"T-shirts against racism are fine, but they don't solve the problem"

The Swedish player also talks about the latest racist episodes. Ibra explains that "putting on the shirt 'No to racism' and waving the flag is good, but it does not solve the problem. It is better to remove three points, suspend the game and lose the winnings, so you risk going to Series B ".

"You must be strict, people do not understand until you pay the consequences. When I was in Italy they shouted" Gypsy! "It is also racism, it is ignorance, even if when they see me outside the stadium they congratulate me and they want to take a picture with me, "he concludes.

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