“I spent it all on women, alcohol and gambling”

This evening it airs on Italia 1 The Foreigner, 2017 film directed by Martin Campbell starring Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan. Just the latter in his biography entitled Never Grow Up, he told his past made of excesses and debauchery.

The most famous actor of oriental action movies had a rather turbulent life: “I was constantly drunk. I also drove drunk. During the day I destroyed a car, and in the evening another”. In particular the 1980s were the most complex period for him: “I spent everything I earned on alcohol, gambling and women. I was a frequent visitor to a brothel. That little cubicle where I lay with girl number 9 was heaven for me.”

If in the 90s the first professional successes also arrived in the United States, his private life was falling apart. First the extramarital affair with the beauty queen Elaine Ng, then her illegitimate daughter: “I made a big mistake, when the news came out, it was like a bomb went off. I wanted to call Joan, but I didn’t know what to tell her.”

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The actor’s biography is also a testimony of the difficult relationship with his son Jaycee. Jackie Chan, who was awarded the Guinness World Record with Chinese Zodiac, also admitted that he was violent towards him by yanking him and even throwing him once against an armchair: “With the force I used, it could hurt him a lot.”

For more insights into the film airing tonight, check out our review of The Foreigner.


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