"I proposed for a minor role, I was afraid of being fired."

Over the years many actors have made their fortune thanks to starring roles in the acclaimed Agents of SHIED, among them also Jeff Ward, interpreter of Virgil, who revealed some interesting facts about his casting for the Marvel spin-off.

"I was cast in the role of Virgil, who first appears in a couple of scenes in 5×01, but at first I had auditioned for another character who, ironically, was called Deke, "explained Ward." It was all very confusing, but I eventually auditioned for what would become Fitz and Jemma's nephew, even though I didn't know the truth about him until my tenth episode. Eventually they changed their name and all the rest of the character and I didn't get that part, but I was cast for a totally different one, which was Virgil. "

Ward added: "I showed up at the first reading a lot intimidated because no one knew much about him or the production in general, they are all very private about the plot. There were people from Marvel and ABC and many other outsiders too. I remember that I had para and thought, "Oh no. Now they will fire me." So I told myself that I have to do a good job and I did it: after all I only had two scenes no more than 20 lines. Everyone was very nice, but they laughed when I read the script. "

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"When I left the room I immediately went to my car and when I got into the car I realized I had a message on my answering machine from Maurissa Tancharoen, the showrunner, asking me if I wanted to retry the lines and I did. That same night, at 11:30 pm, I knew I was going to play Deke – he was crazy. As an actor, you always dream of such things happening, but in reality it never happens. I had to be on set for just one day and in the end I stayed there for more than three years ", concluded the actor.

Ward's is the proverbial Hollywood stroke of luck, which comes when you least expect it and which can change your career. Over the years Virgil has become one of the most loved characters in Marvel series, whose last words are upon us: waiting for the season finale, anticipated by the exciting latest trailer for Agents of SHIELD, discover with us the latest events of Agents of SHIELD.


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