“I owe everything to Jax but he’s dead now”

Although many years have passed since the end of Sons of Anarchy, the public still can’t see Charlie Hunnam in different roles than Jackson “Jax” Teller and the actor don’t be particularly upset about that.

“Well frankly, gave me a career, and it gave me a chance to be more confident in my acting capabilities. It helped me understand that this could have been a full-fledged job“.

Per Hunnam, the seven seasons he spent on the FX series were a real training ground in the world of acting and allowed him to be the actor he is today.: “When I joined this world I was an incomplete actor. I had few experiences. By the way, I was not one of those people with an innate talent. I had to cultivate my skills on set, day after day. I owe a lot to this series“.

The actor later revealed that in no case would he reprise that role, despite the strong bond with the character: “I certainly will never, ever get that cut back. I would never put her rings back on. Not even for Halloween. It was a very profound experience. I’ve lived with that character for years, in a very real way. I never could have imagined it would have such an impact on me. But it’s dead now and there’s no way for me to reinterpret it“.

If you’re nostalgic, check out the series to watch if you loved Sons of Anarchy and find out what happened to the cast of this beloved series.

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