“I owe all my success to Paul Bearer”

On the occasion of the celebrations for The Undertaker’s 30-year career, WWE has decided to publish a documentary entitled The Mortician: The Story of Paul Bearer, a tribute to the famous menager who brought the great wrestler to success.

This is the telling of his personal story which goes from the childhood marked by the death of John Kennedy to the arrival in the world of wrestling alongside the Deadman. This documentary includes interventions by characters of the caliber of Kane, Bruce Prichard, Mick Foley and obviously the same Undertaker who said he owed much of his success to Paul Bearer.

“Paul Bearer was an iconic manager in front of and behind the curtain and he was a great friend and a great person in my life. I hope this only shows part of the man he was and the role he played in contributing to the success of The Undertaker “.

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William Moody, better known in the world of pro wrestling as Paul Bearer, is died at the age of 58 in March 2013 when he had a heart attack. His death was a blow to the wrestling world and to fans of the sport. WWE incorporated his death into faida tra The Deadman e CM Punk which led to WrestleMania 29. Punk even went so far as to pour Bearer’s “ashes” on an unconscious Undertaker.


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