"I had no codes": Ruggeri's mea culpa after one of his most ruthless criticisms of Piqué

Ruggeri's apology to Piqué

"It is medium hair ”, had said Oscar Ruggeri when they asked him for a brief analysis of the impressions he leaves Gerard Piqué at Barcelona. The dialogue between the pigheaded and Sebastian Vignolo, in the television program 90 minutes, was related to the poor state of the playing fields during the time when the former San Lorenzo he was a player. When the Chicken He said if he could have come out playing like the Catalan in "good courts", The former central defender of the National Team exploded:"We could have tried other things … What does Piqué have to do with it? If it is half hair too, like me, like several. Stop fucking around. What happens is that Piqué is a fachero, he's with the singer

The words of the media character who got the title world in Mexico and raised the America Cup they crossed borders and became an international viral phenomenon.

In the last hours, the driver returned to discuss the issue with his colleagues Fox Sportsbut on that occasion Ruggeri He was more cautious. "I ask a thousand pardons, why I never brought up the family issue. It is always between the players, I think I was wrong and for that I apologize", Slid.

"He has a great vibe because he is a painter, he is with Shakira, and all those things that have all the added. If Piqué played for Valencia, they don't even know him ”, had been another of the darts towards the central defender Barcelona.

Instead, when Vignolo He consulted him about the strict phrase referring to "medium hair", he pigheaded He recognized that there was evil on the part of the journalists: "I said he was like me, and they didn't put that. Are bad. Anyway, as we both played in our teams and were world champions we cannot say that we are half hair. We are good centrals ”.

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"I have to go back, for a logical reason. When I mentioned the family, I had no codes"Concluded Ruggeri.

The harsh criticism attracted attention in Spain and the main sports portals of Europe they raised their statements. "The biggest stick they ever gave Piqué?Asked the newspaper madridista AS, who published these words of Ruggeri like Sports World, Sport and Brand. "Piqué and Puyol are the only starting centrals in a World Cup final with Spain. And the two singles!"Shot one of the users who commented on the news on those portals.

Beyond criticism of the man who has led the defense of the Blaugrana more than a decade, it also generated debate that the pigheaded –Ex former Real Madrid footballer– praised as a counterpart to Sergio Ramos.

Also, at the end of the segment, Vignolo One of the responses from fans of the Culé, who branded as drunk the former defender. "Than? Are you crazy If I never mom. Beyond a glass of wine, I never got drunk"He concluded.


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