“I don't love that family”: Manuel José rejects José José's family

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The alleged unrecognized son of "The Prince of the Song" says he has no need to belong to the Sosa family

Manuel Jose He does not want to be part of the Sosa family or the Salazar family.

This was stated by the interpreter after being questioned about whether he would be willing to undergo a second compatibility test with the descendants of Jose jose, in order to be legally considered the son of "The Prince of the Song".

"At this moment I consider that there is no need because I have a wonderful opportunity, that very few people have had in the world, and it is to choose their family, and I do not love that family. I intend that my career begins to fly well above those circumstances, which do not have to affect me", he claimed Manuel Jose, in interview.

A few years ago, the Colombian singer said he was the son of Jose jose, but a DNA study proved otherwise.

Despite this, vocal skills and the great resemblance to the idol have opened the doors to maintain the legacy of the singer.

The artist said that at no time he wanted to hang on the fame of the interpreter of "The Sad."

"The only thing I am doing is working, I do not present myself as the son of José José because I have said it on many occasions, I have never pretended that my professional career is linked to my personal bond with José José. ” Express.

He said that the singer made him a very special assignment, and always trusted his career and talent: “The only thing that I have highlighted is when José José traveled to Colombia, to the reality show where I participated, he told me that I had a very special gift in my throat to continue singing to love, that please never forget it. "

Since then, he said, nothing has distracted him from that mission.

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Regarding the demand that he allegedly undertook Jose Joelfirstborn of Jose jose, against Brayan Álvarez (real name of Manuel Jose) for introducing himself as an unrecognized son, he said he didn't know anything.

"I have not won anything for free, nobody has given me anything. Everything has been a product of work, and at this moment I do not know what the purpose of the demand and the attacks on my person or my career is, I do not know, because there is no substantive reason to support a demand"He said.

Regarding the issue of Sergio Mayer Y Moniquehalf sister of Sara Sosa, charged for digital royalties from Jose jose, Manuel Jose opined:

"I never knew about that, but right now I have received information from a very good source, where I am still awaiting confirmation, but, as far as they told me, José Joel is associated with Mr. Sergio Mayer for Friday's tribute . Then I find it very rare that on the one hand there is this lawsuit of the collection of digital royalties, some frictions and attacks between them, but on the other hand, in private, they are making an association for the concert of this size. It is somewhat disturbing"He said.

Manuel Jose will continue with several presentations where it offers themes of Jose jose and own.

And even if he had been invited to the tribute that is going to be made to the artist in the Zocalo this Friday, Manuel Jose He shared that, for work reasons, he would not have been able to attend.

On December 13 he will step on Mexican lands to present his show.

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