"I don't care if you liked it or not"

That of Dexter it is by far one of the most divisive and controversial series endings, so much so that seven years later it is still being discussed. The last episode, titled Remember the monsters ?, received a lot of praise, and at the same time it was called "the worst ending ever". Yvonne Strahovski also mentioned it recently.

As you will remember, in the final episode Dexter (Michael C. Hall) plans to escape to Argentina with Hannah McKay (Yvonne Strahovski) and her son Harrison. After a series of vicissitudes, Hannah and Harrison embark on the flight without Dexter, who is boating in the middle of a hurricane. The latter is therefore officially given up for dead, but in reality it turns out that he works with one new identity in Oregon in a timber company.

Intervened at Collider Ladies Night, Yvonne Strahovski she did not take sides among the detractors of the finale, nor among the enthusiasts. "I appreciate both positions" he said. "I have an idea why they did what they did. I mean, going to memory, it happened a long time ago, the point was to make Dexter remain without anyone, in a kind of definitive prison. IS I also understand the fans. I understand that perhaps it was not the most dramatic ending they expected. Maybe they wanted to see more blood. "
In any case, the actress confesses laughing, "it is not my responsibility, therefore I do not care whether people liked it or not. It's just something I was part of. "

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