I Am Jesus Christ: the video diary confirms the open world nature and the fight against Satan!

The producers of PlayWay S.A. and the developers of SimulaM publish the first video diary of I Am Jesus Christ, the "Messiah simulator" which will retrace the deeds and miracles of Jesus from baptism to the Resurrection.

The video packaged by the SimulaM team helps to shed light on the nature of the project and the playful offer that will distinguish it, starting with the confirmation of the presence of a open world freely explorable from our illustrious alter-ego.

The "New Testament superhero" that we will interpret in the open world dimension of I Am Jesus Christ will have to go to the most important places in the Holy Land and spread the word of the Lord to unlock access to more than 30 miracles, thanks to which they can cure the sick, walk on water, multiply loaves and fish, heal the sick and exorcise the possessed. All this, surrounded by the digital re-presentation of events such as theLast Supper, the Crucifixion or the Resurrection.

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According to independent developers, the fight against Satan "will be realistic" and it will be managed by a sort of "spiritual energy bar for the Holy Spirit", obviously to be fed by the sound of miracles to be accomplished during an adventure that should arrive on PC during the 2020. In the meantime, we remind you that on these pages you will also find the inevitable Christmas trailer of I Am Jesus Christ.


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