Hyrule Warriors: all the differences with the Zelda Breath of the Wild map

The announcement of Hyrule Warrriors Age of Calamity on Switch has sent sales of the Nintendo console skyrocketing. The video game originally released in 2014 chronicles the events that happened before The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and shares the game world.

In a video that you can watch at the opening of the news, the guys from GameXplain they analyzed the trailer for Hyrule Warrios, comparing the locations shown with the Breath of the Wild map. Many of the most iconic areas from the latest adventure of Link were already present in the prequel, like the Gerudo village, but with some important differences. Hyrule Warriors does not have an open world structure like Breath of the Wild, but a game world divided into macro areas.

A more obvious difference is that in Hyrule Warriors we see the continent before it is devastated, with many of its own older buildings still intact, if we exclude those destroyed by the ongoing war in the Age of Calamity. Finally, some game areas seem to have been completely rebuilt from the original game, a detail that could suggest the presence of unreleased places not present in Breath of the Wild, such as camps and caves that have not survived the test of time. We take this opportunity to remind you that Hyrule Warriors the Age of Calamity is currently pre-orderable and will be released on November 20 on Nintendo Switch.

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