Hyper Scape Beta: available for free with Twitch Prime a bundle full of skins

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A few hours after the publication of the open beta of Hyper Scape on PC, Ubisoft has already published for Twitch Prime users a package containing a series of exclusive content for customizing the arsenal and the launch capsule.

As long as you are a Twitch Prime user (which we remind you is free for those who have Amazon Prime), you can visit the official website of the promotion and connect your Twitch and Uplay accounts to redeem the prizes. Unlike what usually happens, these objects are not immediately added to your locker but must be unlocked by reaching specific levels of the Open Beta Time Battle Pass. Here are all the contents of the package: Blue Staff melee weapon (level 4), emote Thumb up (level 8), emblem of the warrior (level 12), skin of the affiliate D-Tap weapon (level 16), Touch of Flair deployment capsule (level 21) e skin of the affiliated Ripper weapon (level 26).

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If you don't have the possibility to play the open beta on PC, we remind you that you can unlock the rewards of the Hyper Scape beta Pass on PS4 and One for free and, consequently, also the contents of the Twitch Prime package.

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