Hunter x Hunter: Togashi’s manga could return in the coming weeks

The Serie Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus for more than two years, and in this period of time the author Yoshihiro Togashi did not pronounce on a precise date for the continuation of the adventures of Gon and his companions, but according to what was announced in the latest issue of the famous magazine Weekly Shonen Jump, new information will be revealed next week.

As you can see in the post at the bottom of the news, shared by the user @HxHStuff on Twitter, a short article by WSJ 45 would have confirmed that in the next release, scheduled for Friday, October 16, there will be news regarding new items for the merchandise of the series, and on an unspecified “other”, which he immediately did think of a possible return to the fantastic and dangerous world of the Hunter.

Although many opera fans have now surrendered to the mangaka’s erratic production pace, which surpasses its WSJ record volume every week without a Hunter x Hunter chapter, some tend to be optimistic, and they really hope to be able to return to follow the story created by Togashi.

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Recall that recently a calculation has been made of how many chapters the manga would have if it had never paused, and we leave you with a splendid collectible statue of Gon vs Hisoka.


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