Hunter x Hunter Adult Gon comes to life with a Lowcost Cosplay

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Gon's anger exploded when he learned of Kaito's definitive death, and this resulted in transforming the protagonist of Hunter x Hunter thanks to the removal of the limits of his nen. Gon acquired an adult physique as he dressed as a boy, with very long black hair that swayed for several meters.

That hair is definitely a nightmare for anyone who wants to jump into the cosplay of this Hunter x Hunter character. There are those who use tricks who really try to replicate them, but now the solution of the famous arrives Lowcost Cosplay. The boy who became popular for his tricks on the representation of the characters launched himself into this challenge, with the result that you can see below.

The ingenious cosplayer wore the white tank and green shorts typical of Gon Freecss in a restricted version to simulate small clothes for an adult, while he managed to replicate long hair with a … pot. Taking advantage of the reflection deformed by the tool, the final result of the third photo of Lowcost Cosplay has received the appreciation of the fans of Hunter x Hunter for the resemblance to the character.

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It is not the boy's first cosplay to go viral: several months ago he had already dressed Zoro in the usual ingenious way of doing things.

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