How to transfer your contacts from one Android phone to another

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Our smartphones serve to do a thousand and one things and communicate with other people is the basis of many of them. These other people are represented on the mobile in contacts, and it is important don't lose them when moving from one mobile to another.

There are many applications to manage, import and export contacts on Android, although one of the most effective and simple methods is still through a Google account. If it's an option that doesn't suit you, we'll see how to do it in a traditional way, exporting contacts as a VCF file.

Through the Google account

If you are going to change your mobile but keep the same Google account, the good news is that generally contacts are synchronized with that account and, therefore, you may not need to do anything. That said, it is worth checking that everything is configured correctly just in case.

The contacts of an Android mobile can be saved in different media such as mobile storage, SIM card or online services such as Google, Huawei, Samsung or many others. To pass all your contacts through a Google account, you must first copy them all to your Google account.

First, copy all to the Google account

Each Android manufacturer includes its own version of the contacts application, so that the appearance and functions may vary. To make this tutorial more homogeneous, we rely on the app of Google Contacts, available to everyone on Google Play.

After opening the app, display the side panel and enter the section of Settings. Inside, tap on to import and you will be shown a window with the available options. If you have contacts saved on the SIM card, choose it to import them into the Google account.


What if you have contacts in other media, such as in the internal memory of the phone? Then you must use the official mobile contacts application to pass them to the Google account. There may not be such an option, so the process will consist of two parts: export contacts to a VCF file and then import them with the official Google contacts application.

Copy The Huawei Contacts app allows you to copy them to the Google account

At this point, all your mobile contacts will be already copied and synchronized correctly in your Google account. No matter how much you change your mobile, they will remain there as soon as you log in to the same account on the other mobile.

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Then, use the same Google account on the other mobile

In the second mobile you don't need to do anything except use the same Google account. Normally the account synchronization -including contacts- is activated at the factory, although if they take time to appear you can go to Settings> Accounts> Google, tap on the account in question and check that contact synchronization is active and working.


You will then have the initial mobile contacts in the second and synchronized almost in real time. If you change, delete or add contacts in one, the same changes in the other will apply. This, as long as you keep the Google account on both and are connected to the Internet.

Exporting contacts

What if for some reason you prefer not to use a Google account? Then you will always have left export contacts as a VCF file, a standard supported by virtually all phones, Android or not.

Again, practically all contact applications will allow you to export them, although if not, or if you do not find the option, you will always have the Google contacts application. It is done by entering Settings and playing in To export. Without further delay a box opens so you can choose where you want to save the VCF file with your contacts.


Then you must pass the VCF file to the other mobile, which should not be a problem because they do not occupy too much. You can use Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct, WhatsApp, Telegram or any other method you prefer.

You need then import them on the second phone You can also do it with the Google Contacts application, from the same Settings but choosing this time to import. Choose then .Vcf file and you must select it in the mobile storage.

Import contact

The import is done without further questions and without you can choose which contacts to import and which not to import: all are imported. If you include some that do not interest you, you can always delete them later.

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