How to sign up for the EMUI 10 beta to try Android 10 before the final version

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The normal thing when you wait for your mobile to be updated to the latest version of Android is to wait to receive a warning on the mobile, although some manufacturers such as Huawei sometimes allow you volunteer to try the new version and give your opinion

Huawei has officially opened its beta program of EMUI 10 on Android 10 in several models, although if you want to sign up you can not do it without more from the mobile, but it requires a specific process and app. We tell you how to sign up for EMUI betas on a Huawei mobile.

1. Install the BETA app


EMUI betas are managed from a specific application conveniently called BETA. The curious thing is that this application not available on Google Play nor in Huawei App Gallery. You must download it from the official website of Huawei, at this address.

Tap on Download, wait for the APK to download and then install the application on the mobile. The application occupies approximately 70 MB of mobile space and does not have many prerequisites.

2. Sign up for the program

After downloading the application it is time to open it. First of all, you will need Sign in with your Huawei account, something mandatory. Remember that the primary objective of the beta program is to collect information about possible problems and suggestions, and that information will be linked to your Huawei account.

The application has many buttons, but in principle none of them are useful for you until you have installed the beta in question. First things first: sign up for the beta. To do this, enter Personal and play on Join the project.


If your mobile phone currently has a beta program active in your region, it will appear in the section Available projects said beta program. Tap on it to receive some more information and sign up for the beta program, by tapping on Check in. Keep in mind that some beta programs have a maximum number of participants, so the sooner you sign up, the better.

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3. Wait to be accepted


Next comes the toughest part, although technically you don't have to do anything at all: wait. Participation in the beta program is not immediate, but you must be accepted.

It is not clear if it is a selection or a queue, but it may take several days or a week since you sign up for the beta program until you are accepted into it. Normally when you are accepted is that you receive a notification of an update, although you can enter the same app to check the progress.

4. Update to update

When you are accepted into the beta program you will receive a mysterious update on your mobile. Officially the system tells you that it is "an important system patch", without any further information. This is not the beta of the new version of Android, but an update to install. It installs fast, it is not even necessary to restart.


After installing this update, now yes, you will see the update for the new version of Android. It is tempting to give the button and whatever God wants, but remember that these are unstable versions – and that is your job, try them – so it is important that you make a backup of your mobile before installing it. Connecting it to a mobile phone is relatively easy with HiSuite.

For the rest, the installation of the new version of Android is the same as any other Android update. You must first download it and then wait for the installation to complete, which may take a while. Be sure to have enough battery To complete the operation.

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