How to save battery in Google Chrome with the new ad-blocking with high consumption

Google has announced a new feature for your browser: the blocking ads that consume battery and device resources. This function will arrive in summer in Google Chrome, but you can already try it on your Android mobile: you just have to activate the ‘flag’ or function in development that turns on the blocking of ads with high consumption.

There may be a huge variety of web browsers on Android, but there is only one that is used in the majority: Chrome. It’s a little cheating because the app comes pre-installed on the vast majority of Android. And thanks to that, you can surely try one of the last functions that the developers of Chromium already have ready for mobile and desktop applications: the blocking of ads that consume excessive resources. You have it on your stable Chrome.

Google Chrome stops ads with high consumption

Block Heavy Ads Google Chrome

As is often the case with the features Chrome developers test in-house, ad blocking with high energy and resource consumption it is hidden in the browser code. Although it is very easy to activate since a ‘flag’ is available in mobile applications, including stable Chrome for Android. Activating this experimental function or ‘flag’ your Chrome will block those ads that eat up the phone’s battery.

Although the ‘flag’ activates an ad blocking that does not mean that your Google Chrome prevents advertising since the function only works with an ad type that requires high CPU consumption to print on screen. As detailed by Google on the Chromium blog, it is advertising with heavy images, which abuses the resources of the device and is very poorly optimized.

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To activate the new experimental lock you must do the following:

  • Make sure you have Google Chrome (stable) updated to the latest available version.
  • Type ‘chrome: // flags’ in the address bar.
  • Once the experimental functions load, type in the search engine ‘Heavy Ad Intervention’. That is the name of the ‘flag’ that blocks high consumption ads.
  • Click on the menu and check ‘Enabled’.
  • Click on ‘Relaunch’, bottom right, and your Chrome will restart with the lock activated.

After activating the lock Chrome will stop ads with disproportionate resource consumption. A ‘Blocked Ad’ message will appear at the advertisement site; thereby avoiding that the mobile has a high and abnormal consumption of battery.

Google ensures that the function will be active by default in all browsers from August 2020, but you can go ahead and try ad-blocking with high consumption now. You will improve navigation and ensure that the app does not drain batteries excessively.


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