How to safely play at an online casino in Portugal

How to safely play at an online casino in Portugal

Online casino gaming is a worldwide phenomenon. This type of gaming is extremely popular and is reaching new highs in terms of revenue and growth.

One source estimates that the global online gaming industry size was worth 61.5 billion USD in 2021. It estimates that by 2028, the industry will reach a value of 114.4 billion USD.

In Portugal, online gaming is also extremely popular. Players love how accessible, easy and entertaining online casino gaming is.

That being said, there are many other reasons behind the popularity and incredible success of online casino gaming. One of them is the emergence of secure and well-designed online casino platforms such as the one offered by Virgin Games.

Indeed, playing securely online is not always easy. Some countries may have specific laws that prohibit certain platforms or types of games.

Some online gaming platforms might also be unsafe and therefore exploited by hackers to find players’ personal information and credit card details.

This article will focus on the best ways for players to safely play at an online casino in Portugal. The laws and legislation in Portugal will first be discussed in order to offer readers the best tips and advice.

The current online casino gaming legislation in Portugal

Portugal is considered to be one of the European countries with the ‘friendliest’ casino gaming legislation.

This country, known for its beautiful landscapes, its rich culture and the friendliness of its people, has legalised all forms of casino gaming activities.

Casino games and lottery games are therefore legal in Portugal. However, lottery games or games of luck are only granted to the state.

This means that the state has the power and the right to operate lottery games. It can choose to organize these games itself or give another company or entity the rights to do so.

As for games like horse racing and bingo, they are also allowed but are subject to a signed contract. These contracts tend to be valid for twenty to thirty years and are usually valid only in the province or region where the games are held.

Land-based casinos have the right to operate in the country but only one casino is allowed per gaming zone.

Portugal is therefore divided into several gaming zones, a decision made by the government to make sure that land-based casinos are not all built in the same area and that they do not overtake local businesses.

Any land-based casino in Portugal is required to obtain a license from the government in order to operate legally.

As for online casino gaming in Portugal, it is also legal and one of the most popular forms of casino gaming in the country.

Over the last decade, the country’s government has passed new laws to legalise this virtual form of gaming, to regulate it, to license and tax some of these online casinos, and to protect gamers from fraud and scams.

The government’s new laws also help prevent the use of online casinos for money laundering purposes.

How to play safely at an online casino in Portugal

There are some simple ways that gamers can stay safe while playing at an online casino in Portugal. Here are some recommendations:

  • Play at a licensed online casino

As mentioned above, Portugal’s government is working hard to ensure that online casino gaming is as safe and secure as possible. Its goal is to make sure that the public can have an enjoyable gaming experience at a licensed online casino, which would contribute to the country’s economy.

It is for this specific reason that licensed online casinos tend to be safer than unlicensed ones. With an official license, online casinos are forced to respect certain laws that protect gamers.

Another way to stay safe is to play at a famous and recognised online casino. Playing at a casino that has a good reputation and is part of a bigger brand, like Virgin Games, is a good option.

These platforms are usually safer with more secure platforms, official licenses, contracts, and data protection policies.

  • Check the payment options

Wherever a player is in the world, they should always check the payment options and the security of a website before sharing any sensitive information. The payment page of an online casino should be secure and well-protected by a recognisable third-party security company.

If a gamer wants to be extra careful, they should refrain from sharing their credit card details and opt for another payment method such as using a platform like PayPal or creating a temporary credit card.

Creating a temporary credit card might not be an option for everyone. Only certain banks offer this option.

However, if a gamer has the opportunity to use it, they can explore this payment solution. With a temporary credit card, your bank protects your real credit card details by giving the payee another set of numbers until the payment is fully processed.

Then, that temporary credit card will expire, making it impossible for a hacker to take money from your account with those details.

These temporary cards can usually be requested online via your bank’s website or app. This card will then appear virtually.

  • Do not use a VPN

Gamers should not try to connect to an online casino by using a VPN if they are in Portugal. This will make them more vulnerable and will lead them away from the licensed and more secure online casinos regulated by the local government.

Therefore, when looking for online casinos, gamers should make sure that they have not inadvertently searched for these platforms whilst they were connected to a VPN or located in a different country.

Final thoughts

This article has explored the current casino gaming legislation in Portugal and the ways in which gamers can securely play at an online casino. The tips and advice provided in this article will help gamers make the most of their gaming experience and avoid any negative experiences.


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