How to make video calls of up to 50 people on WhatsApp with Messenger Rooms

Last Friday, Facebook began activating Messenger Rooms for all users, a video call system for up to 50 people integrated into Messenger, but which anyone with a link can join. It was a matter of time that this technology was integrated into WhatsApp and now is when some users can already Create and join Messenger Rooms from WhatsApp.

Messenger Rooms is still a function of Facebook Messenger, but WhatsApp is now starting to include in its beta a link to create messenger room to use the native video calls of the application.

Two ways to do the same

Messenger Rooms are proposed as an alternative to Zoom, in which one person creates the room and the rest of the people join her. The advantage is that anyone can join even if they don’t have Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. Whoever creates the room does need to have Facebook Messenger.

The process of creating the room really is completed in Facebook Messenger, although from WhatsApp you can save a few clicks by going directly to the specific section. You have two ways to do it: from a chat (or group) or from the WhatsApp calls tab.

From a chat, you must use the clip icon, where you will see that there is a new element that was not there before: Room. Tap on Room to see an information window about Messenger rooms, the official name in Spanish. You will have to press Go to Messenger and, finally, Create room as. Then you can send the link of the room you have created directly to the WhatsApp chat you were in before.


You can do exactly the same from the WhatsApp Calls tab. There a new floating button will appear with the Messenger Rooms icon, which when you touch will ask you to open Facebook Messenger to continue. You must then create the room and, finally, send a link via WhatsApp.

Send calls

The only difference is that with this last method, WhatsApp is opened in the sharing mode, so you can choose Who do you want to send the room link to? from your contact list. The limit of five maximum forwardings continues to apply, although you can include groups or copy and paste the link from one chat to another.

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This integration of Messenger Rooms and WhatsApp is now starting to activate for some users. As always, it may take a while for it to be available to all users and in all regions. If you want to be among the first, your best asset is to install the latest beta version of WhatsApp.


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