How to locate a Christmas Lottery number 2019

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On Sunday December 22, the Extraordinary Draw of the Christmas Lottery 2019 is celebrated. If you have not yet bought your tenth, do not worry because you have until December 21 to do so. You want locate a Christmas Lottery number 2019?

Usually, everyone seeks to attract luck with a specific number. There are those who choose special dates, such as the day their first child was born or the day they approved the opposition. There are also others who prefer to choose only a certain termination. Although the 13 It is considered a number of bad luck, those responsible for the Lottery Administrations explain that the tenths finished in 13 are the fastest selling.

Locate a Christmas Lottery number 2019 It is nothing complicated. You must access the official website of the Christmas Lottery and indicate the number you are looking for. It can be a complete number, start with (*) or end with (*).

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For example, if you enter the number 14129, the tenths are available only in two Lottery Administrations: in Seville and Algeciras. Moving there is complicated if you live for example in Barcelona or Oviedo.

But don't worry because technology has also reached the Christmas Lottery. So you have the opportunity to buy your tenth online. They have exactly the same validity as the tenths you can buy in physical Lottery Administrations, so you don't have to worry.

Once you have your tenth, you just have to wait until December 22. At 9:00 in the Royal Theater of Madrid The Christmas Lottery draw will begin. Will you be awarded the first prize, "El Gordo"? Can you imagine earning 400,000 euros?

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