How to avoid changing the name of your WhatsApp groups without your permission

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What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas, although we could say the same about what happens within WhatsApp groups. Increasingly popular, and increasingly involving more users, WhatsApp groups have been gaining traction and Facebook has been watching them more closely to avoid breaching the rules of the platform. And sometimes it breaks the names.

The question here is that WhatsApp does not access the content of these groups but their names when a complaint is mediated, which are accessible to the app (like some of its groups when they are public), and if they violate the terms and conditions of the application its users are automatically sanctioned. How to avoid this? We show you how, in a simple way, prevent other users from changing the names of our groups To cause us problems.

The heavy joke and banned users

Recently a controversy arose as a result of some prankster users who were changing the names of the groups to which they belonged with clear references to illegal acts or with which they must have zero tolerance. Like "Child Porn," for example. The result, WhatsApp automatically blocked the group and expelled all its members from the application.

A heavy joke left many users without WhatsApp, but you can avoid it in your groups

It happened in Asturias, and 160 members of a group saw how, at one time, the name of their University group went from being called "Economy 1" to "Child Pornography." Said and done, the users who made the change made a complaint to WhatsApp and 160 application users expelled from the service. And in addition to them, another 90 users in Oviedo, and more cases across the globe.

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But this can be avoided, and that is that WhatsApp provides group administrators with a simple tool to that the name of the groups cannot be changed Without your permission Or rather, that can not be changed by anyone who is not an administrator. The process is quite simple and we show it to you now.

The process

We access the group that we have created in WhatsApp (we must have created it or be one of its administrators) and click on its name at the top (or we display the menu of the three vertical points to access Group info). Once inside we enter "Group settings" and "Edit group info". There we can fix that only the administrators of the group can change the name of the group, and problem solved. We already have a group that is proof of trolls.

Here we summarize the process:

  • We access the group we have created or of which we are administrators.
  • Click on the name or the three vertical buttons and then on Group info.
  • We access Group Settings.
  • We click on Edit info. of the group.
  • We change the option to Administrators only.

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