How Tech is Changing These 4 Industries


The tech industry seems to dip its spoon into every industry’s bowl, and for good reason. Our everyday lives rely heavily on technology, and while some fields benefit from this undeniable fact, others have become obsolete in the digital world.


For better or worse, tech is completely changing the game—particularly for these four industries.


#1 Books

It comes as no surprise to see the book industry rank #1 on this list. Starting in 1994, with the launch of Amazon, bookstores began their slow descent into an antiquated market.


Today, a little over 10,800 bookstores remain in the entire United States—and this number continues to drop as time goes on. Storefronts simply can’t compete with the world of online retail.


On the other hand, some book sellers have opted for a digital platform to keep up with this changing market. Besides Amazon, customers can purchase literature online from these popular companies:


      Bookshop – Bookshop brings independent bookstores to cyberspace by selling their inventory for them.


      Thriftbooks – Thriftbooks is for customers looking to buy used books from the comfort of their own home. This site has over 13 million titles at discounted prices.


      Book Depository – For bookworms on a budget, Book Depository has daily deals on their inventory of over 20 million titles. They also offer free shipping to dozens of countries across the globe, including the United States.


#2 Grocery Shopping

The way grocery shopping changed after COVID-19 is a prime example of how technology responds to problems. With packed grocery stores, people fearing the outside world, and a major toilet paper shortage—going to the supermarket quickly shifted from mundane to macabre.


Enter grocery delivery apps.


Although grocery delivery wasn’t exactly a new concept, in 2020 it became easier than ever with the help of technology. And grocery store paranoia has subsided quite a bit, the food delivery market continues to flourish.


Popular services that benefit from this phenomenon include:



      Amazon Fresh

      Whole Foods delivery through Amazon Prime





#3 Cannabis and CBD

With four new states legalizing marijuana in 2020, the cannabis industry—and its non-psychoactive counterpart, CBD— is on the rise.


In addition to digital marketing and sales, the way people consume these products has also changed as a result of technological advances. Two of the biggest ways technology has influenced cannabis and CBD are:


      Vapes – Vaping has found its footing in recent years. No longer just an alternative to cigarette smoking, vapes can be used with cannabis and CBD oil for a healthier experience. CBD vapes in particular have become commonplace for those with anxiety, due to their quick release of relaxing cannabidiol in the brain.


      Strains – The science behind growing marijuana has evolved since its widespread legalization. Technology helps cannabis growers influence DNA sequencing and create strains with exact amounts of THC and CBD. This gives customers a more personalized experience when shopping for hemp products, and it couldn’t be done without technological innovation.


#4 Fitness

A prime example of technology-based fitness is the recent success of Peloton—a home exercise bike that connects users with an online community and digital fitness classes.


In the same way Peloton draws customers in, many other companies have married fitness and technology, such as:


      Apple Watch


      Daily Burn



Fitness enthusiasts want easy access to tools that track their miles, calories, and overall progress in order to meet specific goals. The demand for these products continues to grow, making this a key market in today’s world.


Love It Or Hate It: Technology Is Here To Stay

Although some industries have taken a beating by the tech industry, the general consensus is that technology makes consumers’ lives easier.


While technological innovations take years to perfect, the fruit of this labor is realized through market influx. So, whether you’re a tech-junkie or someone that’s trying to adopt the future, the tech industry isn’t just here to stay; it’s here to dominate.


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