How much does Gatsu’s sword weigh? A cutlery tried to forge Berserk’s broadsword

Let’s face it, the sword of Berserk is one of the most iconic in the world, a real Dragon Slayer who has even inspired one of the weapons of the famous Demon’s Soul. But how much does it really weigh? Someone asked the question and tried to answer in their own way.

The return of Berserk chapter 362 provided an interesting flashback to the Skull Knight’s past. The protagonists, in fact, went to the blacksmith who, many years earlier, built the famous Berserk Armor. But speaking of blacksmiths, going back in history, we cannot forget the figure of Godo, he who forged the famous Dragon Slayer for a local gentleman who nevertheless never managed to challenge. Gatsu he was the only one to wield that mythical broadsword capable of tearing apart the apostles, as well as one of the few weapons capable of wounding even the Hand of God.

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The Zoppi cutlery, armed with creativity and a lot of willpower, she decided to try to forge it with real steel and the result is summarized in the video available at the top of the page. The huge sword reconstruction was crafted to accuracy in tempered c-45 steel with a stainless steel handle, for a total weight of over 90 kg. Although it is probable that the real Dragonslayer weighs around 100-200 kg, the reconstruction of the Cutlery suggests a minimum weight for the broadsword which in itself is difficult to use even in its 90 kg.

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