How many seasons of ONE PIECE are there? The subdivision of the episodes of the anime

Several years have passed since the anime of ONE PIECE, produced by Toei Animation and based on the manga of the same name by Eiichiro Oda. The show quickly became very popular and is one of the longest-running anime ever.

Still very far from the end despite the words of the author, the latest episodes on Crunchyroll are about to reveal several past events of ONE PIECE with Oden Kozuki in the foreground along with old legends. But with the Wano saga and over 900 episodes produced, how many seasons there are of ONE PIECE?

The number is undoubtedly difficult to calculate as the anime has been on the air regularly every week since its inception, unlike other products which are clearly divided into seasons. The answer, however, comes from Japanese blu-rays and the home video editions that divide ONE PIECE into 20 seasons. It starts from the first that incorporates the Eastern Sea Saga, and gradually moves on to the adventures in Alabasta, those in Skypea up to the latest with Whole Cake Island, Zou and Wano.

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Consequently, the episode 963 published a few days ago on Crunchyroll and the futures of the saga are part of the twentieth season of an anime that will accompany us for several years.


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