How Many Mentos In 20 Oz Diet Coke?

How Many Mentos In 20 Oz Diet Coke?

The energy or power in each Mentos candy is 100 mg. It would take about 50 sweets to add one liter of coke in a 20 oz bottle. Now let’s solve how many Mentos are in 20 oz Diet Coke with the help of mathematics.

We know that 1 ml weighs 10g, where weight strength times volume equals density or mass. So, it would only take .5 grams to make a liter of Diet Coke fizzy. Since there are 50×10=500 individual Mentos in one bag, this works out to 500x500mg/2gm/1000x5000nlmililmililmilliliters that equal 2500 milliliters or 2.5 liters of Diet Coke filled with carbon dioxide bubbles from Mentos.

How many mentos in coke:

Several factors are claimed to increase the explosive force of Mentos mints in Diet Coke. These include:

Adding yeast or other soda can significantly increase the effects, creating a “geyser.” This is done by pouring some of the prepared mixtures into a container with yeast and allowing it to sit for around fifteen minutes before dropping in the Mentos.

Since both beer and baking yeast contain the enzyme gas-producing glycogen, they will ferment when activated by sugar. Carbon dioxide is produced during this process—enough carbon dioxide that adding baking powder isn’t necessary.

Adding sugar (in the form of glucose) also helps speed up this reaction since glucose gets fermented into ethanol alcohol without producing CO2. However, adding too much baking soda will prevent the water from contacting the mentos. It is important to use no more than six packets of yeast or 20 ounces (590 ml) of soda. Otherwise, it is difficult to stop this reaction safely.

The addition of citric acid, malic acid, acetic acid, tartaric acid, or hydrochloric acid enhances the explosive effect even further by catalyzing t so that carbon dioxide production begins sooner and proceeds faster. This claim has never been tested in a scientific setting.

One hypothesis is that Mentos mints remedy Diet Coke flatulence by neutralizing its acidic base before it hits the stomach.

Diet Coke is acidic enough to dissolve zinc and copper, so that it may be doing this with the lining of your stomach. Mentos mints are believed to neutralize Diet Coke’s acidity before they hit your stomach.

Pepperidge Farm has claimed that their “Milano” biscuit will have an explosive effect on soft drinks when placed into them after being dipped in water then crushed into crumbs. Still, there are no reports of this being tested on any other soft drink besides Coca-Cola.

Best way to do coke and mentos rocket:

Another way to make a homemade soda geyser experiment is to use a 2-liter bottle instead of a 1-liter. The only difference is that the Mentos should be dropped into the opening of the neck, not from above as with a smaller bottle. In both attacks, inserting an aluminum ball (about 0.8 centimeters in diameter) before dropping the Mentos will cause more violent eruptions.

Mentos and coke death:

On June 7, 2007, a 33-year-old California man performed the “Mentos Geyser” in front of his live webcam and accidentally swallowed a large quantity (at least 14 or 15) of Mentos. He then immediately vomited profusely and was rushed to the hospital, where he spent several days recovering from severe diarrhea and vomiting.

On August 30, 2015, a 19-year-old Russian student observer at the Tomsk State University of Architecture and Building Technologies (Томский Государственный Архитектурно-Строительный университет) died from internal injuries after dropping several Mentos mints into a two-liter bottle of Diet Coke. The carbon dioxide gas built up within his alimentary canal ruptured it and caused him to bleed to death.

There have been nearly 500 videos posted on YouTube of various Mentos Geyser experiments. Some videos have over 40,000,000 views.

A video has also been posted on YouTube which claims to show the effects of using Pop Rocks candy instead of Mentos. The experiment was done in a Princeton University dormitory room and resulted in a very intense eruption that flung pieces of red-hot plastic from the bottle.

Use vinegar in a coke geyser:

In 1960s Germany, there were reports that carbonated drinks would become explosive when mixed with aspirin. In 1980, an unemployed chemistry graduate had blown off his right hand while incorporating a bomb using Coca-Cola and aspirin pills in his home laboratory in Frankfurt, West Germany.

He placed the ingredients in a metal milk bottle, and the resulting explosion tore off his right hand at the wrist.

In her 1990 book “The Ultimate Experiment Book” (pages 119-121), Diana Deeming and Michael Linden included an illustration of a “Cola Bomb” made with three aspirin tablets crushed into powder, mixed with water, and placed in an empty cola bottle.

The mixture foamed, steamed, and then exploded violently when they uncapped the bottle to mix Mentos mints into it.


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