How Julio Grondona suffered the defeat of Argentina in the 2014 World Cup final according to the FIFA Gate series

Julio Grondona (NA)
Julio Grondona (NA)

The role of the character of Julio Humberto Grondona, played by Luis Margani in the series President, It becomes more important as the plot progresses, since it is he who acts as mediator in most of the conflicts that exist between the leaders of the South American Football Confederation (Conmebol). In the fifth installment of the work that is available on the platform Prime Video from AmazonThis function is more than clear in a meeting that he organizes to seek that the conflicts end in the organism.

The situation exposed in fiction is complex. José Hawilla, owner of the Brazilian company Traffic, sued Conmebol in US courts for breach of contracts, because the entity agreed with Full Play (of Mariano Jinkis) the rights to televise competitions that actually belonged to the Brazilian company. All this occurs in the 2014 World Cup in Brazil and the presidents of the South American federations threaten to start a war against the complainant, but Grondona warns of the dangers of this battle and then chooses to convince businessmen and leaders to make a pact. For that, summons Alejandro Burzaco.

The meeting between then Tournaments, Jinkis and Hawilla CEO takes place in the MaracanaHours after Germany, they beat Argentina 1-0 in the 2014 World Cup final. There, the trinomial agrees to create DATISA, a conglomerate made up of Traffic, Tournaments and Full Play. Peace finally returns to Conmebol, but not everything is joy for Don Julio.

Alejandro Burzaco appears in the fifth episode of
Alejandro Burzaco appears in the fifth episode of "El Presidente" (EFE)

The president of the AFA had to lead the negotiations in the framework of a deep pain for the defeat that his national team had suffered. "If I had won this World Cup, I would have retired in peace", he confesses to Sergio Jadue, president of Chilean soccer and true protagonist of the series. The leader reminds him that under his mandate, the Albiceleste team became champion with Diego Maradona in Mexico 86, but Grondona makes it clear: "It was our 'Maracanzo', it would have rewritten the history of South American football."

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A couple of weeks after that final, Grondona died in Buenos Aires and a year later the FIFA Gate exploded, exposing the network of corruption that existed in the governing body of world football and in Conmebol.

In real life Burzaco, former CEO of Torneos, acknowledged in New York Federal Court having participated in the bribery networks to secure television for major tournaments and faced charges of money laundering, wire fraud and organized crime. He paid a bond of $ 21.6 million and agreed to collaborate with the Justice. His sentence is still awaited, which was postponed twice.

For his part, Mariano Jinkis and his father, Hugo, turned themselves in before the Argentine Justice and avoided extradition to the United States. While José Hawilla died in May 2018 in São Paulo, after having testified before the North American courts and having been one of the informants who allowed to know what the web of bribes was like in South American football.


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