How do you draw a cover? Claudia Leonardi, illustrator of Life is Strange, explains it

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Titan Comics the third Volume of is about to be launched Life is Strange, the comics series that serves as a sequel to the graphic adventure of Dontnod Entertainment. On the occasion of the new release, the Italian artist Claudia Leonardi decided to preview a short Step-by-Step guide dedicated to the realization of the Cover.

First of all it is good to explain that the comics series of Life is Strange is composed, at the moment, of 12 total chapters. The first Volume, entitled Life is Strange – Dust includes the first 4, the second, Life is Strange – Waves, chapters 5 to 8, and finally the last one, entitled Life is Strange – Strings, includes the latest 4. The cover chosen for the third Volume is the same as that used for chapter 10.

At the bottom of the article you can take a look at the special insert present Life is Strange Vol.3, entitled Cover development and shown with approx one month in advance of the release by American colleagues from Comicbook. The guide illustrates the process of creating the cover step by step, in which the protagonist Max Caulfield is shown as she tries to reach a blue butterfly.

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"A Cover can be born from a concept of the artist or from an existing artwork", writes Leonardi."The initial idea was to draw Max inside a spiral of photographs, but later the idea was discarded and we decided to use butterflies. In the first sketch we used autumn colors, but in this way the attention was only directed towards the blue butterfly. In the end we opted for a rainbow effect. Et voila! Here's the cover!".

And what do you think of it? Are you following this comic series? Let us know with a comment! Meanwhile, we take this opportunity to remind you that in Italy Life is Strange is published by Panini Comics, and that you can recover it in this lockdown period after having looked at all the other Volumes on offer.

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