How did the other actors react to Ruby Rose’s abandonment?

Ruby Rose’s unexpected farewell to Batwoman has left everyone speechless. The whole cast, however, despite it initial shock, seems to be fairly calm about the future of the series.

Two, in particular, have spoken more about it, Camrus Johnson, who plays Luke Fox in the series, and Nicole Kang, who plays Kate’s sister, Mary. Both very active with Batwoman’s fandom.

The actors did not comment on the reasons for Rose’s abandonment but, in essence, they have invited the public to remain calm at this time so difficult for the series and to keep your head up high.

Camrus Johnson tweeted: “Family, seeing your hearts break, it also destroys a mine. What is important however is that we have a season 2. We will work hard with the whole production to give you an extraordinary season 2 that will continue to represent the LGBTQIA + communities and all the black people. We will keep going. Believe it. “

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Nicole Kang instead wrote: “I am thinking of all of you. A big hug. Keep your head up and continue with your battles.”

Batwoman had already been renewed for a second season in January and it is inevitable now that production is on the high seas, and that all the public is in turmoil. There is still no official news related to abandonment. Ruby Rose in a statement he simply spoke of a very difficult and painful decision. Some rumors say that the actress suffers from serious physical problems that even left her temporarily paralyzed, others simply say that a good working relationship between the production and the actress had never been born. Neither side was satisfied with the work done so far.

Waiting to find out who the new interpreter will be, we leave you to the official synopsis of the second season of Batwoman.


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