how did the famous judicial series end?

How does The Good Wife end? Remember if Alicia Florrick finally manages to make her choice in love? Let’s review how the series ends four years after the release of the final episode with the emblematic and definitive title Fine.

The last episode of the seventh season of The Good Wife aired in Italy on 2 December 2016. The episode opens immediately with Peter Florrick, the husband of the protagonist of the series Alicia, who is in court on a murder charge.

The man is accompanied by his wife and the whole defense team who, however, decides to accept years of imprisonment that his attorney proposes to him. The judges, in the meantime, demand that more clarifications be made on the matter before the final verdict is sentenced.

Peter and the team of lawyers happily accepts the plea bargain hoping for an acquittal in extremis. The man decides to answer all the questions that are asked and in this regard some very suspicious details emerge about the investigations such as some bullet proofs e a mysterious ringtone which is heard in the recording of a phone call from the victim seconds before being brutally murdered.

Here begins a bickering between Alicia and Diane since the former would like to call to testify Kurt, but his wife Diane doesn’t want to involve him. Eventually Kurt is forced to appear on the prosecution bench to confirm that in his previous statement he had made mistakes. Alicia, however, is stubborn and tries to do everything to make Kurt admit his willingness to cover up his colleague and friend. Lucca Quinn, as well as a ballistics expert with whom she had developed a relationship in the past.

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He succeeds and so Alicia achieves her goal of relieving Peter’s pain she gets only one year of probation and removal from politics. In the finale there is also room for the love life of Alicia, undecided whether to stay with Peter or get closer to Jason who had recently known that had allowed him to forget Will Gardner killed in the fifth season.

The final decision is to be with Jason and the last scene with Peter is during the Press conference in which they declare acceptance of the plea bargain and resignation from politics. Here an important detail emerges: the two don’t hold hands because they love each other, as happened in a similar scene from the first episode of the first season, but only to please the cameras. In fact, shortly after the conference Alica leaves her hand angrily and runs towards a shadow that she believes to be Jason’s.

The episode closes in the same way that the first episode of the first season ended, but in reverse parts. In the opening episode Alicia slapped her husband after discovering the scandal, in this final episode she is Alicia getting a slap from Diane for the betrayal inflicted by the one he considered his friend.

Did you know that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was featured in the seventh season of The Good Wife? Did you also know that Matthew Goode wasn’t a regular in the seventh season of The Good Wife?


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