Horizon Forbidden West, Ultimate with Zero Dawn remaster: community hypotheses

The announcement by Guerrilla Games of Horizon: Forbidden West was enthusiastically received by fans who enjoyed Aloy’s adventures on PlayStation 4.

The game is currently without a release date, but the community is already engaged in speculation related to what will be the method of publication provided by Sony. In particular, the always active users Reddit wanted to highlight a particular detail, linked to the absence of Horizon: Zero Dawn from the PlayStation Plus Collection. A condition also shared by another popular PS4 title: Marvel’s Spider Man.

This consideration prompted the community to hypothesize that Horizon: Zero Dawn could be given the same treatment presented for the adventures of the Marvel Wallramp. Specifically, the hypothesis is that of one Ultimate Edition di Horizon: Forbidden West per PlayStation 5, which exclusively includes a remastered version of Horizon: Zero Dawn. The correlation is obviously linked to the operation that involved the Ultimate Edition of Marvel’s Spider Man: Miles Morales, the purchase of which is the only option to have access to Marvel’s Spider Man Remastered.

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It goes without saying that at the moment these are only simple conjectures: no Ultimate Edition of Forbidden West or Remastered of Zero Dawn has in fact ever been announced by Sony and Guerrilla.


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