Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter RPG shows up at PS5 event!

During the PlayStation 5 Showcase which showed the very first gameplay scenes from Marvel’s Spider-Man Miles Morales, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and the developers of Avalanche captured the attention of viewers with the reveal trailer for Hogwarts Legacy.

The nextgen project known until yesterday as Harry Potter RPG will link up with the events of the fantasy saga of the wizard to lead us into a 1800’s Hogwarts completely new. Our alter-ego will be a student who holds the key to an ancient secret that threatens to lead his enchanted dimension into chaos.

During the adventure we will be able to create alliances, fight dark wizards and shape the history of Hogwarts by deciding its destiny through the choices we will make between fights, dialogues and missions related to its open world.

The Hogwarts Legacy presentation cinematic sets its launch window for 2021 forwarded. Waiting to receive further details on the rose of platforms on which this blockbuster role-playing tinged with action elements will see the light, we refer you to the announcement video of Final Fantasy 16, the other great RPG shown atPS5 event on September 16.

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