Hoeness: "I can't imagine 100 million signings in the coming years"

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Former president of Bayern Munich Uli Hoeness He assured in an interview that the magazine publishes Kicker in its edition of this Thursday that after the crisis of coronavirus "the world of soccer will be different". "It is something that cannot be imposed but I cannot imagine that in the coming years there will be transfers for 100 million euros"said the former German international.

The price of transfers will fall, the sums in the next three years will not be able to move to the level of before, because all countries are affected. Most likely the world of football it will be different"he added.

Hoeness, on the other hand, praised the reaction of the German authorities to the crisis and called on the public to abide by the restrictions that have been imposed. "The politicians in Germany are doing a sensational job. It's about human lives. So you have to abide by the restrictions," he said.

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Play behind closed doors

Hoeness did not want to speculate on the future of the Bundesliga in the face of the loss of income due to the crisis but said that if it is possible to carry out closed-door matches the existence of some clubs will not be in danger.

"Closed-door matches would also guarantee the distribution of TV and if that is possible there will be no existential risks for 2019/2020, "said Hoeness.

However, Hoeness added that if it cannot be played before Christmas, "the same existential foundation of the Bundesliga will be in danger". Regarding when it will be possible to play again, Hoeness said that all those who make predictions about it are "charlatans".

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