Hitman 3 and PS VR: the new gameplay of the Virtual Reality version

IO Interactive’s communications manager, Travis Barbour, intervenes on the pages of the PlayStation Blog to describe the new features and gameplay dynamics of the Virtual Reality version of Hitman 3 on PS4 with PS VR.

The PS Blog’s special on Hitman 3 in Virtual Reality is divided into four points, each dedicated to the salient features that the emulators of theAgent 47 once you have placed your viewer on PlayStation VR to immerse yourself in the atmospheres of World of Assassination.

The team VR inside IO Interactive claims to have worked hard to realize the dream of fans of witnessing the landing of Hitman in Virtual Reality, starting with the efforts made to reformulate the entire gaming experience by adopting a subjective point of view.

With the VR version of Hitman 3 we will also see the entry of important changes to the gameplay which, in the intentions of the developers, will help make it even more realistic, immersive and, for this reason, fun. The interventions made by IOI range from new ways of interacting with the objects present in the scenario when rewriting the animations of the main character, to understand the combat system and the plethora of activities to be performed by Agent 47 to “camouflage” him and transform him into an even more lethal and silent death giver.

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Hitman 3 is scheduled to launch on 20 th January 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S. Buyers of the current-gen editions will be able to access a free update for the corresponding nextgen console.


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