His definition of Lionel Messi and the warning to Barcelona by Lautaro Martínez: six phrases by Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto'o retired in 2019 and is currently serving as FIFA Ambassador (AFP)
Samuel Eto'o retired in 2019 and is currently serving as FIFA Ambassador (AFP)

Samuel Eto’o was one of the most outstanding strikers of the last 15 years of Barcelona. The Cameroonian who retired in 2019 played there five seasons in which he was instrumental in obtaining several trophies, including two Champions League. His successful stint at the club allows him today to comment on the current situation of the Catalan team, as he did this Wednesday in Radio Catalonia.

The former scorer spoke of various topics but emphasized what will be the next pass market and specifically in the hiring of Lautaro Martinez, who seems to be the great objective of the leadership. "Lautaro is doing very well, but people tend to forget recent history. Luis (Suárez) has written Barça and football history and we must admit it. That does not mean that new players must be brought in, but without forgetting the greats, "he noted in the program. Tot Costa.

The former player who also went through Inter Milan and Chelsea insisted with the Uruguayan is a player who continues to be on the podium of the best center-forwards and that the Catalan team should not forget: "Luis is always Luis, he is of the best players in the world in position. It is obvious that Barça always has to be reinforced, but gallons should not be lowered of a general. Luis is a general, he is a capo, and he cannot be demoted. ”

Along with Messi, Eto'o won eight titles (AFP)
Along with Messi, Eto'o won eight titles (AFP)

On the other hand, Eto’o said that he still maintains a constant dialogue with Xavi Hernández, with whom he shared the squad during his five years in Barcelona and who currently heads the Qatari Al-Sadd: "To Xavi I say, 'Maqui, whatever happens you have to go back to Barça ’, and I told him he has to do it when the God of the soccer fields (Messi) is still there. He has played with him, and that will make it easier than with another. "

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The Argentine striker is already 32 years old, so he does not have much time left at the Camp Nou and Xavi rejected a few months ago the offer of the Catalan leadership to take over Ernesto Valverde. Weeks after his decision, he explained that he is not ready yet, but that one day he will accept the position.

In his dialogues with the former Spanish footballer, champion with Spain in 2010, the former African striker always reminds him of the key to being a good leader: “You have to go straight and say things to the players. If you're a hypocrite it ends badly, because you can win a year, but then it ends badly. I would be very excited if he was a coach. ”

The Cameroonian striker is considered one of the best footballers in African history (AP)
The Cameroonian striker is considered one of the best footballers in African history (AP)

This weekend Spanish football will return after the suspension of the coronavirus and Barcelona will have to defend the top of the domestic tournament: “Still there, fighting for La Liga. That's also a trophy that we are going to win and people will not remember that we lost two or three games, people will remember that we have won the trophy"

Finally, Eto’o applauded the various anti-racism protests that have taken place in recent weeks after the murder of the African American citizen George Floyd by a white police officer. However, he clarified that raising your voice is not enough in this reality: “Protesting is very good, but it is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that people who have money want to continue having it while people of color die. ”


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