High Seas Season 4: Did The Show Get Renewed For Another Season?

Since its premiere in May 2019, Netflix’s Spanish original, ‘High Seas,’ has been captivating viewers with its intriguing premise, which centers on two sisters, Eva and Carolina Villanueva, who become embroiled in a mysterious murder aboard the luxury ocean liner, Bárbara de Braganza. Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira have devised a murder mystery series in the vein of Agatha Christie.

Its complex plot, fascinating characters, captivating performances by the excellent ensemble, period costumes, and elaborate production design have earned it praise from reviewers and viewers over the years. The third season of ‘High Seas’ has been binge-watched by fans, who are now wondering: Will there be a season 4? Everything you need to know is listed below.

High Seas Season 4 Renewal Status

The compelling plot and rapid release schedule of the first two seasons contributed to the show’s popularity. The first two seasons were shot simultaneously, allowing for a release window that was just a few months apart. In the third season, the plot expanded beyond the ship. Bamb Producciones, the show’s creators, said at the time that Seasons 3 and 4 will be shown, likely in the same format as Seasons 1 and 2. However, plans for a fourth season were scrapped in 2020.

Both this and another popular Spanish drama on the streaming service, The Cable Girls, had their fourth seasons terminated in 2020. One theory puts the blame on Netflix’s sluggish marketing efforts. The cancellation of season four may be directly attributable to the pandemic as well. While declining ratings may have been a contributing factor to the show’s cancellation after three seasons, that was never officially stated.

Why has Netflix canceled the show?

Numerous indicators point to the inevitable end of the show. To begin, people had different reactions to it. There was a 4/5 reaction on Rotten Tomatoes and a 6.8/10 score on IMDb. As a result, it is plausible that this factor contributed to the decision to end the program. Second, the show’s production was suspended because of the COVID outbreak. The manufacturing launch date was set for 2020. However, it had to be delayed because of the pandemic.

At the time, Netflix was canceling a number of its own shows. According to Cindy Holland, a former vice president at Netflix, the cancellation was decided on a cost-benefit analysis. Unfortunately, the show did not boost ratings for the series. Since it failed to interest a significant number of viewers, Netflix decided to cancel production.

About High Seas

The time period of this tale is the ’40s. In High Seas, a group of people travel from Spain to Brazil across the Atlantic Ocean. The pilot episode began with the murder of an unnamed passenger who was not included on the passenger manifest. Who committed this crime and why remains unknown.

Fans of the Spanish language and those who can’t get enough of a good mystery will like this show, which has plot aspects reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s novels. As a throwback TV program, the costumes, soundtrack, and decor are all top-notch.

High Seas Season Cast and characters

  • Ivana Baquero as Eva Villanueva
  • Alejandra Onieva as Carolina Villanueva
  • Jon Kortajarena as Nicolás Vázquez
  • Eloy Azorín) as Fernando Fábregas
  • Manuela Vellés as Luisa Castro Bermúdez / Sofía Plazaola
  • Chiqui Fernández as Francisca de García
  • Begoña Vargas as Verónica de García
  • José Sacristán as Pedro Villanueva
  • Natalia Rodríguez as Natalia Fábregas
  • Antonio Durán as Detective Varela
  • Tamar Novas as Sebastián de la Cuesta
  • Ignacio Montes as Dimas Gómez
  • Eduardo Blanco as Capitán Santiago Aguirre
  • Pepe Ocio as Doctor Rojas
  • Laura Prats as Clara Romero
  • Daniel Lundh as Pierre
  • Félix Gómez as Aníbal de Souza.
  • Luis Bermejo as Carlos Villanueva/Mario Plazaola
  • Claudia Traisac as Casandra Lenormand
  • Antonio Reyes as Erich
  • Abel Rodríguez as Simón
  • Chiquinquirá Delgado as Teresa
  • Marco Pigossi as Fábio
  • Morgan Symes as Steve Taylor
  • Cristina Plazas as Carmen
  • Alejandra Onieva as Diana
  • Pep Anton Muñoz as Doctor Ayala
  • Nicolás Francella as Héctor Birabent,
  • Claudia Galán as Chantel
  • Andrès López as Viktor Andonov
  • Itsaso Arana as Anna
  • Javier Taboada as Agustín
  • Gonzalo Kindelán as Arturo
  • Pepe Barroso as Julián

High Seas Season 4 Plot: What can it be About?

Season 3 opens with Eva and Carolina boarding the Bárbara de Braganza for a trip to Mexico. A Brazilian agent named Fabio approaches Eva and asks for her assistance in locating a guy who is allegedly transporting a dangerous chemical weapon on board. The deaths begin piling up aboard the ship as Eva and Fabio dig further into the case, and the focus of suspicion turns on the two detectives. As the virus quickly spreads throughout the ship, chaos ensues in the final act. The lives of numerous people are spared thanks to Eva, Nicholas, and Fabio’s investigation. Nicholas suffers many knife wounds and tragically dies.

Season 4 will see the sisters, fresh off their near-fatal journey from Argentina to Mexico that concluded with them on a rescue boat with a few other survivors, set out on a new quest. After the death of Nicolás Vázquez, the swashbuckling officer of Bárbara de Braganza, Eva may need some time to recover. We may see Eva finally satisfy her need for uncovering mysteries if she and Carolina get mixed up in another mystery during the fourth season.

High Seas Season 4 Release Date

Since Netflix officially canceled High School Musical in the middle of 2020, there is currently no set premiere date for Season 4. There won’t be a fourth season of High Seas since the show ended after its third season.

Is ‘High Seas’ worth watching?

High Seas is one of our recommended titles due to its many endearing features and impressive narrative. The viewer is promised a fascinating journey through postwar Europe, the elite, and a mysterious force. In particular, the superb array of period garments on display transports us back in time to the 1940s. If you like murder mysteries, you won’t want to miss this exciting adventure full of secrets and family connections. The series’ strong female lead is another reason we appreciate it.


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