Hideki Kamiya touches her lightly on the Nintendo Switch Home Menu

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The "Battleship Potemkin … is a crazy shit!" of Fantozzian memory, it lives again today in the words of Hideki Kamiya, boss of PlatinumGames, which he has, to put it mildly, criticized the Nintendo Switch Home Menu, attacking its creators.

Kamiya he is known for his opinions and his comments expressed very often "without filter", so there is little wonder for the tones used, but basically there is an idea that seems to be shared also by many players.

"The Nintendo Switch Home Menu is a str ******. All those giant m **** icons lined up in a row, but then the rest of the games are as if they were in a rubbish bin called" All games. "I wonder, but have the people who created it ever played on Nintendo Switch? Who made the Switch Home Menu, ever used a Switch?"

And as we said, many users have commented on Kamiya's post, supporting it. The offending menu of the console is in fact the main one, in which the last 12 games started are offered side by side, but from the thirteenth game onwards they are all crammed into the container called "All the games", in fact, which then shows all the titles in the player's possession. A perhaps not too comfortable choice, especially for those who own several video games.

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What do you think?

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