here's the Block 181 teaser

After taking second place in the Spotify 2019 chart, Salmo is preparing to debut too in the television world with Block 181.

In fact, he will be a creative, musical producer and supervisor of the project in which he will also have an actor role. The series will be an original Sky production, and the first details have already been disclosed:

"Swill produce an in-house production set among the multi-ethnic communities on the outskirts of Milan and will have at the center of the story a story of love, generational conflicts, female emancipation and, above all, of fight for the conquest of power".

For the occasion, the teaser trailer of Block 181 was also published, which allows you to get an idea of ​​the general atmosphere, although the work is still in the embryonic phase. The rapper said he always tried to overcome the rigid patterns that separate the genres of music and art in general: "With this series I would like continue to go further, even in the story of the suburbs, showing it for what it is and which has always fascinated me, a layered world in which there is already everything: chaos, vitality, power, weakness, conflict, passion ".

We can therefore expect to see the themes touched by Salmo in his passages transposed on the screen, with particular attention to the difficult social dynamics of the Milanese suburbs. What do you think of the series? Could it be an interesting experiment? For the moment the project is still being written shooting will begin in 2021.

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