here’s how Sasha Banks landed a role in the Disney series

Fans of WWE they know Sasha Banks for her prowess in the ring, but apparently the writers of The Mandalorian have noticed her in a very different situation.

No SummerSlam or international auditions (probably arrived later), but a simple program on YouTube. The wrestler in fact participated in Hot Ones, a successful production in which guests are invited to retrace moments of their career while … eating food covered with spicy sauces.

I’ll tell you something cool: that’s how I was noticed for Star Wars. It’s a little secret “, revealed the new actress during the podcast The New Day: Feel The Power. You can find the episode in question below. Did Favreau and the casting staff decide to contact her after seeing her bite into spicy chicken wings?

The world of cinema always reserves surprises, with all due respect for those who send thousands of resumes and try to get noticed in every possible way. It will in fact be the first television role for the wrestler, who declared all her enthusiasm: “I have yet to realize it. It’s crazy, absurd. It’s Star Wars! For now I can’t reveal much, but I am there and I’m really grateful.

We had the definitive confirmation of his participation thanks to the trailer for The Mandalorian 2, but we don’t know anything about his character yet, although many would see her well in the role of Sabine from Rebels.

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