here is the video that is driving the web crazy

There is no doubt that Homelander is the favorite character from the Amazon The Boys series. If in recent days we have shown you an exceptional video in which the superhero exterminates the Avengers, now from the web comes an extraordinary new clip in which the leader of the Seven played by Antony Starr is faced with the Superman of Henry Cavill.

As we have seen over the course of the episodes, Homelander represents a psychopathic version of the Man of Steel. He possesses the same powers and the same abilities but is devoid of human feelings and any morals. He is an unscrupulous, megalomaniac, and incredibly self-centered superhero who controls his colleagues in a sadistic manner.

Now, the worlds of Superman and Homelander collide in a new video made by the YouTube channel Adeel of Steel which is literally sending the people of the web into a tailspin. The clip anticipates what many have speculated about: in a fight between the two superheroes, who would win? The images flow incredibly smoothly, making it look like Superman shows up in the alternate universe of The Boys to defeat Homelander. The montage ends by teasing the imagination of the viewers with a mid-air fight between the two superheroes, introducing the idea of ​​a potential film film entitled Homelander vs. Superman.

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A Reddit user recently turned Chris Evans into Homelander, pointing out the amazing similarities between the Captain America star and Antony Starr. Plus BossLogic pictured Queen Maeve as Wonder Woman. In short, the world of The Boys becomes increasingly rich in fan art that merge it with the Marvel universe and the DC one.


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