here is Pedro Pascal's reaction to the 15 nominations for the Emmy Awards

The Mandalorian has won 15 Emmy Award nominations: not a bad goal for the Star Wars series, and now the protagonist has also decided to celebrate on social media.

"To the crew, cast members, creators: are you having a nice day? GOOD, * insert Disney's beep *!", is the comment of Pedro Pascal, who wanted to pay homage to the many professionals who have contributed to making the series receive all this consensus. joking about it, implying that Disney would definitely censor him.

Pascal unfortunately did not receive his nomination for best lead actor, but he can happily rejoice in being able to give his best in the series. Maybe the fact that he has his face covered for the entire duration of the first season did not play in his favor, but for sure his physicality made itself felt, along with that of the stuntmen who impersonated him.

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Outside of fiction, will still cheer on the treacherous Moff Gideon, given that Giancarlo Esposito was nominated in the category "best supporting actor for a drama series". In addition, the amusing comment of Taika Waititi arrived, enchanted by his own skill in the dubbing of the IG-11 droid.


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