Here Comes The Flood, Jason Bateman in talks to direct the original Netflix movie

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A few hours after his nomination for Emmy Awards 2020, Jason Bateman (Ozark, Arrested Development, The Outsider) has focused his eyes beyond the serial horizon, looking at the feature film Here Comes the Flood, previously announced heist movie written by Simon Kinberg for which Netflix he would like Bateman as director.

The film was "won" from Netflix last spring, during the lockdown caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, and the studio would offer the reins of the project to the creator of Ozark, currently in initial negotiations to direct it. According to sources of Deadline, it is possible that Bateman may also become the main interpreter of the story, as already happened for Ozark and in a minor role for HBO's The Outsider.

The story of Here Comes the Flood a great robbery follows which sees a love story at the center of the story. At production we will find Kinberg himself together with Audrey Chon, president of Genre Films, and in the end Bateman should also receive a credit as a producer, if the negotiations are successful.

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Here Comes the Flood will be the third directorial film of Jason Bateman after Bad Words is The Family Fang, with highly refined and refined capabilities on the small screen, for which it has been widely awarded in the last three years.

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